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Laura from A single happy life was so sweet and passed over one lovely award to all who follow her and survived the A-Z Challenge. This is how I discovered her posts as well and I will continue to follow her since she has a very down to earth approach, with a very witty sense of humour, reading her blog is very entertaining.

Appereantly I need to tell you seven things about myself and award this to 10-15 other blogs...

Let's see seven things:

1. I adore coffee, I am a coffee addict and I can drink it at any hour, no problem in sleeping five minutes after fnishing a cup.
2. Books are an important part of my life, as they are for my husband. We own together more than 5.000 books and each week our collection is increasing. Always finding something interesting.
3. I have blue eyes :)
4. I will travel in 4 different countries, via 9 different flights in the next coming 3 weeks and somehow I am tired just by the thought of it!
5. My favourite scent is lavender.
6. I like orchids and started to collect them.
7. This is my fifth award and I'm pretty happy :)

And now to the awarding! This is hard :)

This is me at Southhamsdarling
Jilda at Transformation Information
Gawgus at Gawgus Things
Georgina at Georgina Dollface
Kris & Kel at Kris&Kel
Jenny at Pearson Report
Trinista at the Life in Heels and Flip Flops
Nikki at Raising Marshmallows
Queen at The Queen of English

and to those ladies who already have but still deserve it!

Belle at Tales from a Loser Who is Sometimes a Winner
Barb at This and That (As I Bounce Thru' Life)
Becky at Just Being Me
Pencil Girl at Conquering the world
Bay Girl from That Girl around the bay
Karen at Following the whispers

Enjoy the weekend!



Claudia...you know that no matter how often I receive an award, I'm humbled each and every time. Thank you so much. I'll be sure to come up with some more things about me for you all. Thank you again! I'm in very good company with all those bloggers too.

Claudia - Thank you SO much for this lovely Award. It is so much appreciated, believe me. Congratulations to all those other winners as well. I shall have a think about some things about me, and will post about it some time next week.

@Barb & This - you ladies are great and I am the one who is honoured by your constant support!

Got signed up for z-a, didn't do a-z
congrats on your award

Congrats!! and thank you very much

Congrats on the award!! And thank you so, so, so much for passing it on to me.. :D :D I love getting awards! :D :D

-Fellow coffee addict who can also sleep within 5 minutes after finishing a cup. :P :P (Usually when I drink the coffee so I can stay up and study. The sleep-inducing power of textbooks far overpowers the sleep-resistance the coffee should have given me. :\ :D)

@Karen - welcome :)
@Sandy - good luck with z - a challenge and thank you for dropping by!
@Baygirl - we are winners right? :)
@PencilGirl - funny :)

Congratulations :)
Love Lois xxx


Awww... thank you, Claudia!! You are so very sweet! Awards are fun, whether you already have it or not! The best part is that someone thought you deserved one!! ((HUGS)) my friend, and thank you!

Anonymous says:

Thank you Claudia! It looks like I have been included amongst some very talented bloggers, so thank you for that honour! - G
PS. I am way behind in passing on a few awards but I definitely look forward to passing this one on to others soon. Have a great weekend!

@Georgina - I'm happy you liked it! :-)

Dear Claudia,

Thank you so much - how very thoughtful of you to include me with such a stellar list of bloggers - I'm honoured indeed.

Reading the seven things about you was also very interesting. We are very similar - I love coffee too, and books, I have blue eyes and I grow orchids!

It's fun to learn things about fellow bloggers.

Again, thank you for the Award, and also congratulation yourself for receiving it in the first place.


@Jenny - well we are similar indeed! Lovely comparison :) And you are welcome, happy you enjoyed it!

Thank you for the award Claudia. Much appreciated. I will try to add it to my blog this week. Been feeling rather blog lazy. lol.

@trinista - happy that you liked it :)

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