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The weeks are passing by with the speed of light, I can't believe that we are almost in June, 5 months from the beginning of the year, 2 months since my new job. So much attention, lots of stress (and not always a good one!), so many hours spend on travelling. Nevertheless today, Wednesday, is spend at home (well partially since I was at work since 7 in the morning and came home at 6 in the evening) and I can say that it is wonderful indeed.

To summarize the highs
- home, pure and simple
- watching a nice old movie Sneakers with Robert Redford, remember that one?
- had a nice dinner with hubby, in the memory of Paris - French collection of various types of cheese, yummy!

The lows, hmm
- very tired after 10 days of not being at home, it takes its toll on itself and on the house as well, just to consider how much I still need to clean :)
- one of my flowers did not survive my absence, poor dear! I will have to find a new one
- doggy woke me up at 5am, even if I love Naila, it was really early :)

I hope you are all well, enjoy the Wednesday!



The weekend is nearly here ;)

I hope that you are really enjoying your job Claudia, because it involves an awful lot of travelling and being away from home. I can see that it really makes you appreciate the time that you do spend at home though. Your poor little flower and, yes, 5 a.m. is a little bit TOO early, Naila!!

5am?! Wow that is early! Mmmm, cheeses, I could live on bread and cheese and red, red wine of course ;)

@Desiree - so true, but still 2 more days :)
@This - I give my best, sometimes it's not so easy!
@Gawgus - cheese indeed! Me a cheese lover as well!

I remember Sneakers very well. I loved it.
10 days away would be hard. How wonderful to have a beautiful memory of Paris though!

@Belle - it was great to watch it, even the 4th time :=) Paris was, is and will always be great!
@Karen - yes I am very tired, unfortunately a tough schedule ahead! Sometimes life is testing you :)

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