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I am so convinced that everyone has heard this song at least once, for Christmas. Unfortunately I did not find the original, sang by Wham, but nevertheless here we go:

My mom always played this song for Christmas, it is so melow and sad, but still so Christmas like, a definite fav!

And to bring a cheerful note, I thought of whistle, an end blown flute with a fipple.

While researching for a relevant video, I found the Whistle song and thought it is really appropiate!



*hangs head in shame*

I have "heard of" Wham, but actually heard.....um...no.

Z to A Challenge

:) Funny Mayzee!

A fipple? What the heck is a fipple? haha. Cute.

@Barb - all I can see is :)

Def like this song better than..."I Love Your S**"!

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