Happy Friday

Posted by Claudia Moser on 5:55 AM in
Nothing like a lovely delicious rich chocolate cake to raise your spirits!

Happy thoughts everyone! Smile and wave!



I'm smiling, and I'm waving!!! You are naughty, tempting us with that gorgeous slice of chocolate cake - and cream!! Mmmmm! Loved the little video. Really brought a smile to my face my friend, so thank you for that. Have a relaxing weekend with your dear hubby x

Good morning Claudia,
I was so sorry to hear about the misfortune you have been experiencing after the plane ride. I am praying that any swelling will return to normal quickly and no more headaches. Everything is going nicely here even if it is reaching almost triple digits in the afternoon. It is very dry and we are having fires on our coast which is about 3 hours away but the smoke reaches us and makes the air quality less than desirable. Take care and keep me posted on your recovery.

@Diane - I am sorry :) I had the treat ready for hubby since he was so patient with me. And the smile and wave is my favourite!
@Odie - you are so sweet to be so thoughtful and caring about me! Have a nice weekend and promise that I will keep you posted!

Hi Claudia,
I'm new to your blog...I was sent over by Diane and so happy. Your blog is lovely...the smile and wave made me smile and chuckle. I guess I'll remember to wave on the replay!
I truly hope your headaches ease soon. I've had a period of bad headaches before and they can be rather debilitating.
Here's to wishing you warmer weather and much improved days!

@Sush - thank you so much! The headaches are getting better by the day! Smile :)

Dear Claudia, "Southamsdarling" said that you had suffered a terrible accident. So sorry for such a happening.

Best wishes for complete recovery, and soon. Meanwhile, do just as the doctor orders, please.

Gentle hugs,

Can we have another slice please!
Thanks for visiting our blog!

Can't beat chocolate cake on a Friday!! This looks scrummy - I've made similar using yoghurt before and it was really lovely. Have a great weekend :)

@Aunt Amelia - thank you, very sweet of you, each day is better, but still careful though!
@Karen - I did post it eventually :)
@Michael & Hanne - gladly would I share two pieces with you :)
@Emma - so true, it helpy you feel better :) And I did use yoghurt :)

This is SO UNFAIR! Everyone else got here ahead of me and now there's none of that cake left...I have your recipe, to bake my own, but I wanted to taste YOURS!!! It looked so yummy and I love fresh cream on a cake :)

I'm so glad to know you are feeling so much better already (latest post's update).

Big hug,
Des xoxo

@Desiree - you are such a wonderful person, thank you for your comments!

I hate chocolate cake.
OK, I'm lying. My mom used to make them from scratch and sometimes we'd get to eat a piece while it was still warm. Yummy.

Rick I do agree warm piece with whipped cream is such a delight I'm amazed it is not ilegal :))))

Not a big chocolate freak (I can almost fee a stoning coming up), but if you drizzle caramel on top of it, I'm sold.


@Theresa - not at all! Each with its own taste :) But I love caramel too :)

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