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On Friday, my dear husband surprised me with the news that Sunday will be spend in Koeln, mainly visiting the Museum Ludwig (one of his all time favourite, an experience he wanted to share with me as well). I was very happy, quality time together, a small adventure.

While returning from Koeln, I went on line to check what Beth will post for this week's GBE 2 word and with much surprise I discovered the below picture

And as life has it sometimes, I got the inspiration in a second! This is modern art, an interpretation concerning money, growth, source, development (as I learned today, modern art represents different concepts, view for each beholder) and what did I enjoy today? Amazing modern art pictures from Picasso to Matisse to Macke and Ernst. This post just flew into my mind, during the train ride I was mentally chosing my favourite pictures from today's visit, so here is my collage, and I hope you will enjoy my jump from the money tree to Museum Ludwig exhibition.

Georg Herold, Untitled, 1991 - caviar on his painting!

Jackson Pollock, Black and White No. 15, 1951

Joel Shapiro, special exhibition

Salvador Dalí, La gare de Perpignan, 1965 - the one which impressed me a lot!

Man Ray, Return to Reason, 1939

Pablo Picasso, Nu couché à l’oiseau, 1968

Pablo Picasso, Arlequin, les mains croisees, 1923

Henri Matisse, Women and monkeys, 1952 - an amazing collage using blue paper and beige guache

Kasimir Malewitsch, Supremus nr. 38, 1916

Robert Delaunay, Endless Rhythm, 1934

And my absolute favourite - painting by August Macke, The lady in green jacket, 1913

After today's visit I have learned that the modern art is in search of perfection, either in colour, technique, perspective. For me it was a wonderful experience!



Anonymous says:

This is very cool. I once had to take an art class and we had to go to the Ringling Museum of Art to check out all the paintings. To my surprise, I liked this one sketch of a costume that was in the circus section. Clowns creep me out, but the circus in all is fun. Thanks for sharing these pics.

--Diana Jillian

@Diana - thank you :) I truly enjoyed myself today! Quite a learning experience!

Anonymous says:

Looks like you had a pretty great day! Thanks for sharing and taking us along with you. :O)

We enjoyed the Art Tour ! Many Thanks!

It is so cool to view the money tree as a work of art like the ones you seen at the museum. You are correct it is also a valuable work of art. Well done!


@Beth - it was an amazing day and it all fitted in the end :)
@Michael & Hanne - it was an incredible tour indeed!
@Kathy - well it was for me, that was my first thought!

What a lovely surprise by your husband, and I saw all your lovely photos on facebook! You obviously had a great time, and so good that your husband wanted to share this experience with you!

Thank you Diane, it was a great day, loved every second of it!

So very cool! Thanks for sharing with us!!

Love this art. Thanks.

I loved seeing these photos of such interesting modern art. As usual, Dali is my favorite. Thanks, Claudia.

Wow a museum that lets you use a camera. Thanks for the nice display and I didn't have to pay to travel.
A Pirate Looks Past Sixty

I enjoyed this adventure with you, thanks for sharing!

Love the art, although Picaso was a little out there. Thanks for sharing.


@Stephtee - thank you, it was a cool experience :)
@Laura - happy you do, my husband is a big fan as well!
@Belle - you like Dali? I add his picture on the post because it was the one which made me think for long minutes, I just stood in front of it and enjoyed its magic.
@Pam - yes, most do in Germany, but you are not allowed to use the blitz! The travel was indeed worth it especially since getting such nice feedback!
@Vanessa - gladly!
@Joyce - Picasso is special and his art needs time!

Very cool! I was just at the Dali museum last month. :)

@Resident Gamer - great! Where?

I love Dali, which is surprising, because I generally shy away from Modern art and go with the impressionists (Monet is my favorite).

Great post. I loved seeing your favorites. I can appreciate a fellow fan of art.

@Alison - these were my favourites from my museum trip, the real ones could be posted :) Including Monet!

oh wow..THANK YOU FOR TAKING US WITH YOU! hehe this was so much FUN!! and yes...i wanted to JUMP INTO the; La gare de Perpignan !!!

Anonymous says:

Thanks for sharing the wonderful art work. I love Picasso! I too, liked the painting of the lady. As I looked at it, I was wondering what she was thinking about. I bet the painter knew. Nice job!

@Beachlover - thank you! Probably he did :)

Thank you for sharing this! I love the last one--gorgeous!

Salivdore Dali is one of my favorite artists. I used to have a book, that I purchased at the Dali Museum down in St. Petersburg, Florida, that had full colored pages of his art. I could have stayed in that museum for hours (and I did!).

Picaso...another favorite. I think I am drawn to surrealism paintings and art work.

Great post...thanks for the tour!! Cheers, Jenn.

@Marian - the last one is indeed amazing, I don't get enough of watching it!
@Jenn - glad that you liked it!

Love the art ..TY !!

Thank you Spark!

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