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This week's theme for GBE2 is just for me! The writer can chose between Summer OR My Favorite Thing, so here we go!

One of my favourite things in the world is coffee, I cannot imagine any day without at least a cup (well in the end I have around 7 but who is counting?)

Picture from here

As for summer I thought that my holiday trip would suit perfectly the theme. And what would be more adequate that to let the pictures speak? We spend a week in Germany this summer (well it was not really summer), in Nürnberg (Peter's hometown) and in Augsburg (where my family lives). Below the collection of the best pictures, enjoy!

Walking towards the old town, starting along the river Pegnitz.

On the riverbanks of Pegnitz, in Nuernberg.

Old town, with Heilig-Geist-Spital in the background.

The entry to the Heilig-Geist-Spital, very romantic right? Peter told me that this the best view in town, all the lovers meet on the bridge to watch it!

St. Sebald church

A wonderful view from old town, and the light was gorgeous!

The royal castle from the distance

The most wonderful street in Fürth, a city close to Nürnberg. Peter took me there since he knew how much I love architecture, and this is indeed special. I called it the Nouveau Riche street. The name is actually Königswarter strasse.

I loved the windows!

What an amazing corner for a house!

View from the royal castle, I took several photos to try to capture the city's charm!

This is a close-up for the old town, the buildings are simply wonderful!

Intricate streets!

In the middle of old town

Now Augsburg's old town, a view towards the church.

I loved these red windows!

A sneak view!

An unusual house in the center!

The Catholic church Pfarramt St. Moritz

The Basilika St. Ulrich und Afra!

And the townhall

I hope you enjoyed the trip, for sure we did, the architecture is special in all three towns!




@Jo - thank you! It is indeed!

I love Nürnberg, and I'm sorry it's been years since I've been here. Looks like they make a fantastic cup of coffee, and the old architecture (that's still standing) is fantastic. Nice photos. The pictures were all from the Pegnitz? You didn't get any fromthe Regnitz? Oh, and did you get a chance to try the smoked beer? (Rauchbier). Peter must have encouraged you to try it - or is he a Tücher fan?

Übrigens, es gibt nichts über die oberfränkische Küche!! Einfach Lecker!

@Weissdorn - you seem to know your way around Nürnberg. No smoked beer we had some other great food. As you say fantastic!

@Weissdorn - we've been to Fürth but haven't seen the Regnitz!

I'm ashamed to say I had no idea Germany was so beautiful. What fabulous architecture. I adore the 'round house' :)

@Sarah - in this case I am happy that I have shown you one its lovely faces. And yes the round house is simply gorgeous!

Jan says:

I absolutely LOVED this. Your beautiful photos actually made me escape to another country this morning. A nice way to start & thank you:)

@Jan - I am happy you enjoyed it, it was a wonderful trip!

Every time I go to a new city, I have to take a good look at the architecture and the skyline! I know nothing about architecture, but I do APPRECIATE it! There is something about old buildings that tugs at my heart a bit. Your photos are gorgeous and I do appreciate that you shared them. Thank you!

@Darlene - same here! And you are welcome, I love these photographic memories!

Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them with those like me who will never get to see such sights in person!

@Laura - if you like to travel then why not? And it was my pleasure to share them!

Anonymous says:

Your vacation pictures are gorgeous! I'm so glad that you had a lovely time!

Thank you Beth, great memories indeed!

Wow, beautiful pictures! My sister spent a year in Osnabruck and I really enjoyed all the architecture, buildings and landscape from Germany! Thanks for sharing all your photos. :)

@Maggie - thank you, your post was also wonderful!

Thanks so much for sharing these photos. They are so interesting and beautiful. I love that corner house with all the balconies!

@Belle - I am happy that you liked my favourite house as well!

Anonymous says:

These are such beautiful pictures. Lovely blog. =D

@Diana - thank you so much!

Oh, this was a wonderful treat getting to see these glorious sights! The architecture is incredible and I especially love the feeling of stepping back in time. Your photographs are gorgeous, Claudia. I enjoyed studying each one closely! Thank you for sharing so much beauty and charm with us! I'll have that cup of coffee now, please!

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@Desiree - sharing a nice cup of coffee with you would be wonderful! I am sure we will have a lot of talking material!

Great Pictures! I would sure like to visit Germany in person.

Great pictures! Is the German coffee any good?


AWESOME pics! I would love to go to Europe, including Germany...I've always heard that it is breathtakingly beautiful, and your pics prove that!! Thanks for sharing, especially for those of us who can't take a magnificent trip like that right now. Glad you had a great time!! ...And by the way, I agree with you about the coffee, I drink nearly a whole pot everyday while I'm working...youch!! LOL :)

@Mike - if you do, do let me know and we will have a coffee together and talk about blogging!
@Joyce - actually yes, the taste has evolved a lot and the coffee shops have a large variety of coffee on the menu.
@Kathy - yes Germany is amazing, do you know that 1/3 of its surface is woods? And the sharing was gladly done, I am happy you enjoyed it!

Gorgeous pics! I grew up in Germany when my father was in the military. Needless to say, my pics would all be of nightclubs. Still, yours brought back lots of memories!

@Christina - I can understand why :) but still happy I brought back some memories!

WOW i love the red windows too..those natural growing vines..the woodwork on the homes..the water shots..so BREATHTAKING..you kissed me today! lol ((hugs)) MUAH!

WOW amazing pictures. I felt like I was right there with you and they also make me want to revisit Germany. Its been about 15 yrs since I went and it was one of my favorite places in Europe. Thank you for taking me back ! :)

Great photos, brough back memories of my visit to Nurnberg about 3 years ago. We had lunch on the terrace of a cafe right by the river. There was a thunderstorm somewhere in the distance but the city stayed sunny and dry.

Magnificent! What an experience. No wonder it comes to mind when you think of summer AND favourite things!

Love the photos! They are so beautiful!

Great post on Summer and thanks for sharing these photos of Germany. I plan to get there someday--hopefully in the next 10 years. My husband lived in Nuerenberg (sp?) for 3 years.

Cheers, Jenn

@Brenda - yes, the red windows were simply amazing, too bad that the street was so narrow that I could not get a better perspective!
@Jenni - welcome! And you should come again, I am sure many things have changed!
@Paula - most likely this Spanish bar? It has a gorgeous view!
@The Host - kind an automatic thought right?
@Susan - thank you :-)
@Jenn - wonderful, let me know when you come!

I love how interesting the buildings are. I think a law should be passed decreeing that all buildings should be painted or decorated in such a way as to bring smiles to the people who live in them and those who pass by! Beautiful pictures, Claudia, and thank you for sharing them *hugs*

@Gil - your law idea is simply great!

Claudia, thanks for taking us along on your wonderful trip. The photos are great.

Beautiful pics! :-) I'm not as into coffee as I used to be.

@Langley - gladly!
@Eccentricity - coffee rules :-)

Every time I see pictures of Europe I want to go there. So much history is packed into that architecture. We just don't get that here on the West Coast. Thanks for sharing.

@Kyle - yes Europe has amazing architecture, nevertheless I am sure than anywhere in this world there are great places to visit!

I loved Germany and all the architecture. I love that they have no compulsions to tear down the old and replace it. It's gorgeous in Europe in general.

@SjerGirl - yes you are right, the history is well preserved, a nice place to visit!

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