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Posted by Claudia Moser on 2:56 PM
I always said that my mother is a wise woman; she always tried to give me some hints on how to manage my life. She did not push me in any direction, she allowed me to develop as I consider fit and according to my abilities.

If I look back at my professional development, I had several stages. But one thing was for me clear from the beginning, I did not want to be an engineer like my mom and dad, thought it was too technical for me.

Until I was 14 years old, my dream was marine biologist. Rather strange choice, don’t ask me how I came up with it, but I wanted to research whale behavior. My mom acknowledged it and then made only one comment: take a look at the map and let me know if Romania has whales in the Black Sea. It made me think for some years till I realized that it will be very hard to achieve that dream, so I rethought my future.

For another 2 years, I invested a lot of energy and time in learning History and Latin; I thought I’ll be the next Perry Mason. But then I realized how many colleagues of mine had the same aim, and moreover I noticed that law is not necessary my field even if I was always fascinated by crime mysteries. So another line set aside.

Being 16 and with not really a direction. My generation was almost focused on law and economic studies, many of my colleagues graduated in these fields. Not many doctors, very few teachers and some engineers.

So somehow on the road I realized that studying engineering combined with economic studies does not sound that bad and guess what? I ended up being a civil engineer. That much about my childhood dreams!

Anyway but that was not the point of my entry. I actually started this because I remembered this morning at breakfast that my most utmost desire is to have fun at work, to be appreciated and to enjoy every day. This is what my mom told me: if you wake up in the morning with the desire of going to work and you feel enthusiastic, then you are in the right place.

Maybe for some my current job does not sound so fantastic, being on business travels on a weekly basis, lot of pressure (time and budget wise), but for me (most of the time) it is a great place to be.

Guidance in my daily work was given by Goethe as well:
‘Treat people as if they were what they should be, and you help them become what they are capable of becoming’
I was lucky during my professional life to get support, mentoring and help from peers and superiors. I know how fortunate I was / am, therefore I try to apply this towards my colleagues as well.

Another great lesson given by Eleanor Roosevelt
‘Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people’
It does not work at all times, but it is a great advice!

And what I request but also give:
‘Next to physical survival, the greatest need of a human being is psychological survival – to be understood, to be affirmed, to be validated, to be appreciated.’
Stephen M. Covey

And look how much I write just because of a thought at breakfast. Probably I should stick to coffee only! LOL



Anonymous says:

I'm always writing about something. Although, the last few days, I've been in thought mode. I guess that's what vacation does to you. =D

Great post!

@Diana - you could be right, it's holiday time which makes us so pensative!

If you truly enjoy your job, that is at least 80% of the battle won!!

Like you, I had many dreams of having a career in several fields before High School ended and College commenced. Even then I switched my major many times.

Finally, I took a temporary job with a logistics firm. I have to say, it was truly my calling. It was challenging on many levels (+) it had me interacting with people in person (+) and on the phone (+) and over the computer (+). I am still doing what I love today...only NOW I have found the best company to work for in this endeavor (++++).

I enjoyed reading this--it sure DOES make a difference when you love your job!

What you've written is so true. If you can't look forward to going to work everyday, then it's not going to be the challenging, growing and learning experience of a lifetime. That's what a job should be. Most of my jobs were just that and I excelled and had great success with meeting goals, mentoring and learning. Once that feeling was gone I moved on. You and I think very much alike business like. I am proud to say that I was an excellent manager regardless of whether it was in a production environment, banking environment or office environment.

'Maybe for some my current job does not sound so fantastic,'

Unless they're doing your job it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, only that YOU enjoy it :)

Wow, that was deep for first thing in the morning :) A good read though. made me think about where I am going to be happy, outside of my writing. Think I may go back to looking at a history degree of some sort, or possibly english, maybe with a few to being a teacher again,with updated skills. Thanks for making me think *hugs*

I love this~

Another great lesson given by Eleanor Roosevelt
‘Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people’

Beautiful and inspiring blog! Thanks for sharing it in the Positivity Group!

I've always thought it was very important to like your job and find it interesting and challenging. How wonderful that you found your niche! I have always loved raising kids and being a housewife, and I've been lucky enough to be able to do that.

Another great quote by Eleanor Rosevelt! She must have been quite a lady! I agree that your mum is a wise woman, not pushing you in any one direction, but letting you find your own way in life. Good post.

I ADORE YOUR MUM!! what a great answer...wow. : ) love the way you think in the morning too! hehe

What great thoughts to read about! My sister is also a Civil Engineer and loves her job! Being an engineer myself, I still think I need to find the right place for me to work. Hopefully this will happen one day soon :)

<3 kris&kel

@Trinista - yes I do, 80% of the time! Thus I 64% of battle won? Just joking!
@Jenn - I am happy you found the company where you feel at ease and also fullfilled. It takes time but eventually there is light! And thank you!
@Karen - I love my mom very much, she is an amazing powerful woman. And yes, look what breakfast brought!! :)
@Barb - well of course we think alike, that is why we like each other so much :) And I'm happy you agree with me, it means a lot that people read my thoughts and take take to answer.
@Sarah - I do enjoy it, but there are people who are not so nice as you are, and who constantly comment on my travels.
@Gil - very deep indeed! I should sleep some more LOL And yes, if you have thoughts of doing something more, just do it! It may not be easy at the beginning but knowing you, you'll make it!
@Marian - thank you!
@Belle - raising a family is also a career, I would also love to be a mom, but for the moment I am project manager!
@Brenda - she is a wonderful indeed, and thanks!
@Kris&Kel - how nice about your sister. You are both great! We do have something in common!

Beautiful quotes, love how you developed your career choices and that your parents let YOU develop into who you became. My Dad said something similar, "Be sure that what you want to do is something that you can't wait to jump out of bed in the morning and get going"!


@Sush - your dad was wise as well! And yes I was lucky with my mom!

It's funny how life sometimes takes you in a direction that you never imagined isn't it.

@Tony - absolutely right! Destiny right?

Having such supportive parents to inspire and allow you the freedom to develop on your own and at your own pace is a great foundation on which to build a successful and rewarding life for yourself. I have no doubt whatsoever that your parents were and are very proud of you. I think you are an inspiring and thoughtful young woman and I admire the positive way in which you view life. You seem to possess great inner strength and poise and your sincerity and deep appreciation of the gifts and blessings in your life is admirable.

@Desiree - you make me blush! You are so sweet and I truly appreciate your words! Thank you very much.

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