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As announced by Tracie withing the BFF group, the inspiration comes from the latest
"Pirates of the Carribean" movie.

To quote her: 'Jack Sparrow sure have made piratin' and searching for treasure popular. So with that and Johnny Depp in mind (and who amongst us really wouldn't want to keep Johnny Depp in mind ;) here is this week's BFF inspiration #107.'

So here we are with a treasure chest on our hands and we are presumed to write something about it.

Being in Tallinn I got to Tracie's post just soon after my landing, so I had some time to think about the the theme while having dinner and I realised that what I would like to share with you is some of the content of my treasure chest. So here it goes:

- family
- friends
- the constant support which my family gives to me (in order to pursue my career)
- being married with a great guy (I know he will blush while reading this!)
- books
- addiction to coffee
- travel memories
- my little turtle collection
- my silver jewerly, especially my Pandora bracelet
- being healthy
- my blog (yes it is very important to me so it deserves a place in my treasure chest)

The list could go on, but I would like to challenge you my readers to share at least one or two items from your own treasure chest. Are you in?

YO HO HO !! :)



Caludia--yes, I'm in! I am going to give it a bit of thought.
My husband has visited Tallin once and loved the old city. I hope your visit there is memorable and refreshing.

@Kay - old town is gorgeous, it is really worth at least one visit! It's business and short, thus happy! Can't wait for your sharing!

Awww - what a great list. What is this little turtle collection you have? Maybe you could post it sometime on your blog.

My treasure chest: new experiences and great food. Is that dumb?

@Michelle - my turtle collection is made out of different material small turtles, photo will be done! And not dumb at all! Thanks for sharing!

In my treasure chest: my family, favorite books, blogging & blog friends.
Love your list, Claudia.

@Belle - thank you for sharing and also for your kind words!

Oh I love this idea! i would be adding to a treasure chest full of memories of a charmed life growing up in a family of six. My siblings and parents are the bottom, supporting layer of my treasures. Sparkling and Glowing on top would be my husband who then we shared life with our five children who then started having our grandchildren. My treasures are of the familial variety!

I love your list Claudia. I have a Pandora bracelet as well and absolutely adore it. My treasure chest would also include my family and friends, my computer because it allows me to have contact with those I care about so much and share what I write, and my camera because I am addicted to photography.

This is a wonderful thing to sit back and reflect on! Your treasures are absolutely wonderful. Definitely things to be thankful for :)

<3 kris&kel

Anonymous says:

Awww, this was terrific! Let's see, in my treasure chest, you'd find:

faith that sustains me through everything
a happy marriage
great kids
brilliant, beautiful grandkids
some really wonderful friends
parents who gave me a great start, especially my mom, who was a truly wonderful soul
a few truly exceptional teachers who were especially supportive and inspirational
good health
a warm, safe home
a blanket that my mom crocheted for me when I was a child
my computer

I'm sure there's a lot more in there, but those came to mind first.

Claudia--I am working on my own Treasure blog---and yes I AM IN!! I'll come back and leave my link if that is okay!!

Oh and as for your treasure list!! I love it!! What a great list of treasures---I share many of the same!!

Cheers, Jenn

@Sush - how lovely it sounds , charmed life! I could see some examples of it while reading about your grandchildren!
@RedBrook - I love my Pandora bracelet, which charms do you have? Photos are also cool, as captures of great moments!
@Kris&Kel - very thankful indeed!
@Beth - your list could be my list :) would love to see the crocheted blanket, pls :)
@Jenn - any time, we enjoy a free communication right? :)

Claudia - what a wonderful array of goodies you have in your treasure chest!

This is a very intrigue post - makes me wonder what I would have in mine.

Cheers, Jenny

@Jenn - do some research :)

It sounds as if your life is rich indeed!!


Great list. Your chest is very full and you are blessed :) ps now i see why you liked my turtle story hahaa :) Great read!

@Jenni - you got me :)

Anonymous says:

But, why is the rum gone? This is a great post! =D

@Diana - wine is better :)

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