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Inpsiration #111 is : "Home Alone".

I prepared a story for you, but not an end! I will kindly ask you to find your own ending, I will divulge my version on Friday evening!

It was the first time that Tina was alone at home.

Her parents never left her alone before, not even for some hours. Her mother was always present, waiting for her when she left school, her dad drove her there each morning.
But this had been an emergency. Her grandfather had suddenly taken ill and because of her school, Tina couldn't leave with them. She couldn’t drive with her parents; her grandfather was living in a small village, very remote, in the mountains.
Tina’s mom was worried, she was so afraid to leave her alone, but Tina reassured her that all will be well; it was in the end only for a night, her aunt would join her the next day. Too bad that her aunt was traveling on business purposes. But that is how things happen. Unexpected!
Tina came home from school, warmed her meal, did her homework, and watched some T.V. She has things to do, but then the night came and her courage seemed to disappear.

Her first thought was to sleep with the lights on, but the light disturbed her eyes, so she switched them off. But then darkness surrounded her, she imagined many frightening shapes around the window. She knew it was only the tree but still she could not help it.
And then this noise! Tina stood up in bed, she thought of going and checking it, but she was stunned, she could not move. Eventually she managed and went investigating in the hall, from where the noise was repeating. She quickly switched on the light and what she saw shocked her.

So now tell me what happened?



It was a bat that had flown in through a kitchen window she had forgotten to close. It was flapping around the hallway, trying to find its way out.

Tina thought quickly; she ran and opened the front door. She got the broom and swished at the bat until it flew towards the door. She kept swatting at it until it went outside into the still darkness.

Tina shut the door and locked it. She shut the kitchen window and went back to bed. She felt proud of herself for taking charge of the situation. Still, her heart was beating fast and it was hard to sleep.

How to sleep? She remembered an old lullaby her mom used to sing. She started singing and soon the house was filled with her sweet voice. Her voice became softer and softer until she fell into a dreamless sleep.
Is that too long? I can't wait to read yours.

@Belle - wow! I am truly impressed, a very nice ending indeed!

Her aunt stood in the open doorway, looking as if she had been pulled through a hedge backwards. The noise Tina had heard had been her aunt's key trying to open the lock. Although she had been some 100 miles away on business, she just couldn't leave her niece alone throughout the night, and had driven like a mad woman to be with her. Tina collapsed into her aunt's arms with relief. "I'll just put the kettle on and we'll have a nice cup of hot chocolate and some of those marshmallows that you like so much" her aunt said. "Then we can snuggle into bed together like we used to when you were tiny."

@Diane - lovely ending as well :-)

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