Tasty Tuesday - Beetroot bolognese

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For 4 persons

2 onions
250 g celery
olive oil
400 g minced meat
1/4 l red wine
500 ml stock
50 ml tomato puree
400 g Spaghetti
300 g cooked beetroot
ca. 100 g Feta

1. Dice the onions, clean the celery and cut it in small pieces.
2. Add the meat in a pan with a bit of oil and cook it, then add the salt, pepper, thymian, onions and celery. Let them on the fire for Zwiebeln 8–10 Minutes. Then add the stock, wine and tomato puree. Let them another 15 minutes to simmer.
3. Cook the spaghetti separately.
4. Add the small pieces of beetroot to the bolognese sauce for another 2 minutes.
5. Before serving, add the feta cheese on top of the pasta and sauce.

Simply gorgeous!



I'll bet this tastes delicious. I've never used beetroot, but I love pasta of any kind.

I'm like Belle, I've never had beetroot, would you tell us more?
Pasta, yummmm!


Different, but I think it would still be yummy :)

Anonymous says:

Hi Claudia,
That looks delicious :)
Have a great day and get well soon!
Hugs x

@Belle - you should try beetroot especially in the oven, it is lovely!
@Sush - I use it very often, also as salad, you should try :)
@Luan - it was very delicious and even for my hubby :)
@Eva - will do my best promise!

Mmmm, I love eating beetroot - I don't enjoy preparing it! Everything always end up bright pink in the kitchen :) Delicious dish...

@Linda - pink yes, including fingers, but that is why I use gloves :)

I'm so glad you've posted this recipe - can't wait to try it!

@Emma - I did promise right? :)

Anonymous says:

This sounds absolutely scrumptious and simply decadent!

This sounds delicious. Going to have to try it out!!


@Beachlover - I agree with both adjectives :)
@Kathy - pls do and let me know if you enjoyed it!

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