Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

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To be honest what I really really want is to find ourselves in 2013 so all of this rumble will stip in respect to the end of the world. I just want people to enjoy each time, to live and to be happy!



Brilliant post! I love it! So true. All the calendar hype reminds me of something Edgar Cayce said when asked where one should live to escape the predicted disasters. Edgar Cayce said "I should not be so concerned about WHERE I live as about HOW I live." I read that as a teen and NEVER forgot it. We should live our lives as well as we can and let all that garbage fall by the wayside...

@Darlene - well yes, people tend to forget that part - LIVING!

Here's to a great 2012!

@Rebecca - so be it!

Great post Claudia. Let's live it and not worry about it. Happy New Year!

@Barb - indeed! Happy New Year!

thank goodness the world won't be ending soon... thanks for the info. LOL
funny post...

@Daphne - well yes, it would be nice to experience 2013 :)

I love the Mayan cartoon! So funny. I never believe all these crazy predictions.

I had no idea the world was ending next year...oops ;-)

Wishing you (for what remains of it anyway) a wonderful and very happy new year. May it last until 2013 ;-D

Gruss & Kuss aus London xo

Anonymous says:

Thanks for the humor! (The Mayan is so funny)!

End of the world happens for the ones who are killed suddenly for no fault of theirs.
Innocent people are dying everyday due to terrorism and air strikes which certainly is end of the world for them.
Planet is coming to an end is another expected reality which we should be prepared and the preparation is our good deeds for entire suffering humanity.
The death DAY of the EARTH is unknown. Can't be predicted.


@Belle - neither do I, but it was a great opportunity for business!
@Mlle Poirot - you haven't missed a thing :) Danke schön!
@Beachlover - well I like to smile and laugh!
@Tariq - you are right that there is much sufference around the world! We must never forget that!

We cannot live fearful of tomorrow or we miss today. Just love the cartoons and know, as you do, that living now is all we have anyway.
♥ it

@Jo - so true!

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