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Sunday is a special day for me, I always look forward to the GBE2 theme and share it immediately with my husband, he is as curious as me. Today I was puzzled for a couple of seconds, when I read Pet Peeve. We both reacted with what??? And then of course, it came! The definition puts it nicely - a pet peeve (or pet hate) is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to him or her, to a greater degree than others may find it.

And then I started thinking! Where is my inspiration? What am I suppose to write? To be honest I kind of lost track of any worthy idea, but then it hit me, I could actually reveal something about me, something I know get on people's nerves, even if most are too polite to mention it.

I confess - I do love a clean house!

To start with an example: I need to vaccum all the time when Naila is with us, I love her to bits, but her hairy traces are really really annoying.

I do hope that I am not yet a freak (and never be one), don't get me wrong, I can sit on my armchair and not jump at the sight of small crumbs identified on the floor (well I do control the jump, trust me LOL)

Another example, a visual one this time. My husband used this collage to explain marriage, for me this is clearly an indication that a clean side bed always looks better, agreed? :)

What I hope is that I don't get too much on my husband's nerves, in the end I love his patience, his look when he notices that I have to start cleaning again (you know what I mean? understanding, loving and just a bit of wondering why now!), his presence. Just I do like to clean :)



Clean... ahhhhh ;-)

Hey there's nothing wrong with cleaning! I enjoy it myself a lot :) but I don't always jump at it like you haha (especially when you live with messy people like I do, it's a hopeless case. Now if I had my own place....that would be another story :) Nice post!

I grew up with a mother who was a clean fanatic. So I enjoy a lived in look. However, when I go to visit her (even at 86 years old) her place is spotless and always smells so nice and clean. Nothing wrong with it at all. Somehow I don't think hubby will get annoyed with you! Sweet post.

Anonymous says:

I like things tidy, too. It's hard to relax when there are too many 'shoulds' staring me down, so it's easier to just do them and get on with it.

Oh, and I love that you look forward to the GBE topics--and that your hubby does, too! :O)

General house cleaning is my job twice a month... And i think i am getting use to it.

This post was a little bit different, Claudia. Oh, I so agree with you - the house must be clean AND tidy! I don't go overboard, but always make sure it looks nice. It just makes me feel so much better.

Oh, I'm in the wrong place here--I hate cleaning, so I put it off as long as possible. My husband and I sometimes say we need to invite someone over for dinner so we can get the house clean, lol. And I'm sorry but I like your husband's side of the bed with all the books! That's how our books look. I'm the kind of person that needs a little clutter around me to feel comfortable. Although when we moved two months ago it did feel good to be able to get rid of some junk and organize things somewhat better. I just feel like there are so many more things I want to do with my time than clean. (Like right now, reading blogs instead of cleaning the bathroom.) Enjoyed this, Claudia.

I wish I kept a cleaner house. It's hard to do.


A clean house makes me so happy so I thorughly understand.

I don't mind a little clutter, but I couldn't stand all those books in my view. I like your side better, even though my bedside is not that clean.

I like structure and order around me, both in my work environment and my home.

That being said...the room that I pay most attention to is the bathroom...I do not like a dirty bathroom (both physically and aesthetically).

My kitchen follows in at a close second...I have a spotless fridge and generally my countertop is visible! (okay, the odd time there is a cup/plate/or pot waiting patiently for me to do my thing)

Insightful post!

Cheers, Jenny @ PEARSON REPORT

Clean houses are good :) that's a good pet peeve, I think - or maybe I say so, because I share the same pet peeve? lol
Thanks for sharing that about you.

♥ Bibi

I can't argue with you, I am pretty much a clean it now person. I have been known to carry all purpose cleaner when we travel, just in case! :)
I have also been known to jump up from my chair in the middle of a really good show because I see a dust ball on the floor or dog hair someplace or dust on the tables! It's a little OCD, but I love clean and orderly. It has a place, PUT IT THERE!

ahh yes, when I was dating my wife, she never minded the pile of booksand the occaisonal tissue that sat on top of the pile. As a matter of fact, she liked the pile of novels as it reflected my "intellectual" side. Once married, that same pile became a "heap of junk".
How soon they forget! LOL

I was like you when I was young. Now, I am more relaxed about my house. It's still clean, but not aesthetically so. I am blessed to be married to a man who does not leave messes behind him. His Mom raised him right and I am the one blessed by it.

So some say couples must have separate bedrooms :D I say, one bedroom and separate hiding place:D

husband should not correct his wife - at least not in public. But one detail of Claudia's last post needs modification:
Claudia wrote:
"I need to vaccum all the time when Naila is with us"
Closer to truth is this modified version:
"I ask my husband to vaccum all the time when Naila is with us"...
And husband does...;)

Peter's response made me snort :-)

Anonymous says:

How soon can you move in?

@November Rain - well yes, I confess!
@MB - I think you are right, once you have your own home it is different!
@Barb - well I know that I do get sometimes on his nerves but with time we found a way that fits us both!
@Beth - yes, the two of us discuss before I post and somehow he supports my creative process, you got us hooked!
@Reyah - great that you have found a rythm!
@diane- exactly, it gives you a good feeling, it is your home and you respect it by cleaning it!
@Elaine - he will for sure agree with you :)
@Joyce - sometimes it is hard, but I got used to it!

@Luan - I knew you would! :)
@Belle - well that is actually Peter's side of the bed! The books belong in our living room and trust me when you have more than 3000 you have to!
@Jenny - I fully agree with you, kitchen and bathroom SHOULD be clean!
@Bibi - happy I shared it with all of you, I did not believe that I will get so much support, thanks!
@Jo - well yes ;) and guess what? I always have wet wipes when me when I travel ;)
@Grains of sand - well we do change in priority setting ;)

@Darlene - great mother in law ;)
@Feathered Pen - not us, we did find a way, happily!
@Peter - and wife is grateful! ILY
@Sarah - well ;)
@Pool Diva - what are you offering in return? ;)

I like cleaning when it is done by a service such as "The Maids" which used to come once a month until we hit fixed income. Now we are "the maids" and do not do as good a job at all. You and my son-in-law would have a lot in common and I must say their house is always nicely clean.

Bless your heart, Claudia, I'll have to remember this when you come visit *wink* I can't stand mess, by which I mean dirty plates/cups, food left about, or a dirty bath. Those I have to deal with. However, my house is usually just this side of avalanching into chaos when it comes to things being stored... Books, paper, pens, games, videos... you name it, you'll probably find it strewn about my house. I admire your urge to clean, to be tidy... but just warn me before you knock on my door, so I can shove things in cupboards! *Chuckle*

@Pam - well, I guess there is always one in the family who likes to clean!
@Gill - I promise I will call before I come, no worries :)))

The picture of the two sides of the bed is priceless!

@michael - what can I say? Such is marriage ;)

I was brought up in an era when the women were housewives.Yes, there was a time when men earned a living and women stayed home and cleaned,ironed (even underwear) cooked and took care of the children.

My house was always spotless. I cleaned everyday. I mean cleaned! vacuumed, dusted with a cleaner, mirrors and beds made. This was every day mind you. I even got down on the floor to scrub the tile. Along with this, I cooked a hot meal for dinner daily. So......

Next to the stairs leading to the upper area, was the heater. Well, it caused dust balls to form under the stairs. If I did not clean it then it would remain and build up. So I vacuumed and washed the floors daily. Got the picture????

My house was clean!! I mean down on my knees clean!

Now that my kids have kids of their own all they tell others is that they remember their house was always dirty and all they talk about was the dust balls under the stairs.

Go figure!

My husband likes the house a lot cleaner than humanly possible! We have too many kids for it to be that clean all the time and I do not have the energy to keep it the way he likes. Especially when they are out of school. When they are in school, the house always looks a lot nicer. :)

a clean house is a happy me.....

Nothing wrong with being a neat freak. Wish some of you would rub off on some of me. :D


@Sondra - poor you, but I am sure your children remember mainly the good times they had!
@Angie - well with children it is not so easy to keep a clean house, I agree!
@Danneromero - so true!
@Kathy - we could give it a try!

It's great you think your cleaning may be your husband's pet peeve. I think it's great. Feel free to come to my house, I'm sure my husband would love it! Great post!

@Anna - if you invite me, maybe I will come :)

i LOVE clean....bet you guys balance each other out perfectly <3

@Brenda - we do, you are right!

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