To brag or not to brag

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This is Sidonie Gabriele's quote and one my favourite life mottos. It actually encompasses my inner belief that you should be happy as you are. When Jenny mentioned this week's theme for the Writers' Post, a page from my brag book, I wondered what could I share with you? My professional accomplishments? Well, they exist but they do not fully represent me. I am not yet a mother to be proud of my child. My knitting projects seemed trivial, so what to do? In the end I cold only tell you that I am at peace with myself, I reached a moment in time where I know what I want, where to go and to appreciate each second. Is this bragging? :) I think it is just the realization that life is good! Happy Thursday bloggy friends!



Being at peace with yourself is something positive to share with all of us!! Cheers, Jenn

You have discovered the secret to a contented life...being happy with what you have and appreciating those whom you love. Wise young woman!

@Jenn - kind of boring right?
@Desiree - I do my best!

Appreciating life and being happy is something everyone wants, I think. Also, succeeding in business is a fantastic thing. I like what you wrote.

What a beautiful place to be at I working on getting there.

One of the most wonderful things I could hear from a fellow writer... you are at peace with yourself... :-)

Claudia, how wonderful! I'm very happy for you. I'm "kind of" there myself...I think a lot of it, for me, has to do with getting older and realizing what life is all about.

Anonymous says:

If there is such a thing as the secret to life I think you found it. To be content is the most any of us could ask for! Nice job.

yep...just what i tell my kids...doens't matter as much what the teacher says, what the coach says, what the scoreboard says..you know in your heart if you did the right thing....and that is how you evaluate.

Love this
Brag book page.
I am pretty content myself and I know it is an accomplishment and one you have worked to achieve. ♥

@Belle - yes, but somehow I have problems to brag :) most likely my education
@Luan - I am sure you are!
@November Rain - yes, you are right!
@Becky - most likely, we get wiser LOL
@KAT - thanks!
@Jo - yes, each day a little bit!

Being at peace with yourself is probably the greatest accomplishment of all.

@Sarah - I think you are right!

I think you and I have something in common here.

Thinking that you have nothing to brag about, yet realizing that you are at peace with yourself. Not only should you brag, but you should be shouting it to the world!


@Susan - thank you, I know you understand!

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