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This may sound like a very unusual title right? I was just thinking, wow, this blog has grown so much lately and I felt that I need to take a deep breath and share this with you, since in the end it is also due to you, my readers.

5981 comments and I appreciate every single one, thank you!

42.238 hits with a great April 2012 month where so many have dropped to read my challenge entries.

656 posts, not bad and for the last 4 months I have managed to write every single day.

199 followers, one more and then I will get a bottle of champagne from my husband.

To be honest I am happy today, I did achieve something and it is very dear to me.



I just signed up to be your #200. Tell your husband I want a bottle of champagne too :)

@Cindy - check your email and THANK YOU!

Yay for you Claudia...I remember when you were getting close to your 100, how time flies! I love your blog and it is one of the highlights of my day. Congratulations and Cheers!

Oh , how exciting my friend. You have gained your 200th Follower. Wonderful, and many, many congratulations to you! You certainly deserve it, and you are doing so well to be posting every day. For the past couple of months,I have tapered my posts back a bit, but well done to you! I am delighted to be a part of your journey Claudia.

Anonymous says:

Wow! That's amazing - 200 !! :-) And I'm sure there will be many more to come. Have a lovely evening!


That is an amazing achievement! Well done you - definitely worth celebrating!

@Sush - thank you and I appreciate your constant support and kind comments.
@Diane - yes, the story goes on, and grateful you tag along
@Eva - thank you my dear!
@Harriet - we will, hubby told me that tomorrow we will drink champagne :))))

Breaking my self-imposed computer exile to say a huge huge congratulations to you Claudia. You deserve it so much for making every day just that little bit brighter :-) x

@Sarah - so kind of you, I am so happy to hear from you, hope all is well!

@Karen - I know, I am amazed :)

Anonymous says:

Hi Claudia! Cool title for your post. Looks like you got your 200th follower. CONGRATS!

@Susanne - so happy for that! Feel blessed and grateful for every reader!

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