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Yeah! The A-Z Challenge 2012 starts today, so excited! And I did give it some prior thought and I want to share with you my happiness ABC (inspired from one nice picture I saw once on Pinterest!)

To begin with A - accept your reality as it is, since the journey begins within.

One of the hardest things in life for sure, but it's definitely most rewarding. It's so easy to look in the mirror and point out most of your faults. But, instead of counting all the things you wish you could be, try counting all the things that you are thankful for. In the end it's your own opinion that really counts.

When you accept your current reality, not deeming it good or bad, you start to see more clearly. You can see that life marks out paths in front of each of us. It gives us obstacles to overcome and problems to solve. Those challenges aren’t to disrupt our path, they are an integral part of it.

Reality is not good or bad, harsh or compassionate. Reality just is.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection.

Other people's opinion of you does not have to become your reality.
Les Brown

The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.
Dr Sonya Friedman
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Awesome post :)
Love you ,Claudia.

Anonymous says:

Absolutely! Nice one!

@Izdiher - thank you my dear!
@Beth - your comments mean a lot to me, you know that right?
@Karen - being positive all the way right?

Such a good reminder for us all today Claudia, as you start on your A = Z Challenge. We should ALL accept our own reality, instead of constantly hankering for other things or better things all the time. Great start my friend! Loved the little quotes as well.

@Diane - yes, I wanted something positive, something who cold not only motivate me but also be a little bit inspirational. The quotes, well yes :) always finding some nice ones, come around tomorrow for my Monday's special :)

What a great start, Claudia.
I have always tried to live by this example you write about.

Cheers Jenny @ Pearson Report
Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

Great post, Claudia. I think it gets easier to accept your reality the older you get. Look forward to more of your A-Z posts - and good luck with the challenge.

Love the topic. It's taken me years to being to accept my reality and oh, how much happier life is when you do!

Your words are so true... and if I could only follow them, I'd be a lot happier. ;)


Of course!! What a great post. I loved it. I think I'll do that mirror thing today :) Cheers! Jenn

@Jenny - I am happy you enjoyed it!
@Paula - not older, wiser :)
@Joyce - I think you do more than you think!
@Jenn - try the mirror :) I did the dancing too :)

But I like living in a fantasy world ;-). Nice Post.

@Diantha - lucky you :)

I love this. I have been doing more of this lately and finding I'm liking who I am. Great post - new follower.

@Tasha - thank you for being around, welcome! Glad you enjoyed the post!

Hey there Claudia, this was a refreshing moment to enjoy along the A-Z yellow brick Super Highway. Reality, is such a perspective based thing.

A-Z 2012 (#49)
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@November Rain - wow, you entered with 2 blogs? Well done!

What a great theme for the month, Claudia! I will definitely be here every day for some uplifting words from you. Great start--you are so right!

@Elaine - uplifting material promised for the next entries :) glad ou are around!

Claudia, this is wonderful. So uplifting. I love the Les Brown quote, thank you.

@Sarah - I think the quote is very meaningful indeed :)

So true and so important! Thanks for the follow - now following you. Enjoy the A to Z !

@Linda - enjoying already, had so much fun last year! Thank you for being my latest follower :)

As usual Claudia, I loved reading your thoughts. I am a reality based human and I highly recommend it.

You are so right, this is the hardest to do. After 62 years I'm still struggling with it. Great to have you in the Challenge.

Quig Land
A Pirate Looks Past Sixty
Pirate Knitting

@Pam - hard but a great start in your quest to be happy right?

@Jo - thank you so much :)

This is awesome and so true!!


We are all prone to people and their opinions. I made a decision to take good and bad with a proverbial grain of salt.

Some folks like nothing better than to attempt to sculpt another in the image they want them to be. That doesn't work with me.

Too, while we collectively wish to be pleasing to others, I don't have a bone in my body that wants to please someone just for the sake of getting their approval.

I love everything about this post! The quotes at the bottom are so helpful. Great start to the A to Z Challenge!

Wonderful post, love the quotes. :)

This reminds me of my favorite quip, "It is what it is." That's reality.


Accept your reality is a great mantra. Great start to the A-Z!

Great beginning and I'm holding my breath on my part in the challenge. You inspired me Claudia, I think we first me when you were in the middle of this last year. Or not, I've enjoyed our friendship and all that you inspire in me.

@Kathy - true indeed, it all starts within!
@Jeremy - I also believe that if you only please others and ignore your inner self on the long run you forget yourself on the way. Stay true to who you are!
@Belle - thank you, another year another challenge. You know I love them :=)
@Elizabeth - more to follow :)
@Journaling Woman - it is what is is, well yes!
@Nutschell - thanks, let's hope I will keep it up until Z.
@Sush - you will do it for sure :) no doubt on my side! Yes, you have a great memory my friend!

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