Z - Zap negativity.

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and enjoy life and have a cup of tea or coffee together with a nice piece of cake, it helps!

Challenge at the end, I cannot believe this! I had fun and you?

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Hi Claudia! Zap is a good word to finish with, and I so agree with zapping negativity. None of us needs that word in our lives. Here's to POSITIVITY and, yes, let's have a nice cup of tea or coffee and a slice of cake to celebrate the end of the A - Z Challenge. Congratulations!

@Diane - thank you so much for being a constant reader and supporter during the challenge, wish we will one day share a cup of tea together somewhere in this world :)

Oh Claudia...good one for the last letter! I'm with you on the negativity. I can think of some I'd like to zap today! I enjoyed the challenge, but found it harder than I thought. Life does have a way of interfering with 'required' posts!

I enjoyed the challenge, but will be happy to get back to MWF posting. It sure made the month of April sail by.

I love nothing more than afternoon tea, but seldom get it. Yes - positivity is the way to go!

Great post. I certainly need to remember to zap negativity every once in a while. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous says:

Hi Claudia. Fun way to wrap up the A to Z Challenge.


Zapping negativity is sometimes a daily challenge for me, but at least I'm always trying! Beautiful pics and I LOVE tea and cookies as they alwasy make me feel better!

good positive post to end with. Stay in touch!

Zapping negativity is my #1 priorities for next month. I've really enjoyed your posts throughout the challenge and look forward to more in the future!

@Sush - as I said from the beginning I enjoy the challenge since it brings structure and I can easily plan ahead :) happy I made it!
@Lynn - close your eyes and imagine how lovely it would be to have a nice cup of tea, and just go and heatsome water, just what I am up to now :) plus some berries muffins, delish!
@Jessica - it helps, just keep on thonking positive
@Susanne - thank you, now we have to breath and relax!
@Amy - yes, you are right tea and cookies are a great thing!
@Karen - for sure it was, enjoyed every minute of it
@Sandra - for sure we will, reading is always fun
@Amanda - very kind of you, stay tuned, I will be blogging, maybe not with a theme like my Happiness ABC but still I hope something enjoyable

I read some were on one of the blogs that when someone says something very negative to her, she replies with, "I am so sorry you feel that way." Kind of ends ...that...argument. Zapping negativity!!
Congratulations for plowing on through. It may have not been easy for you, but you sure made it look like a breeze!! Well done.
Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

Negativity is so draining.
Congratulations on finishing the challenge. It is always fun to find new blogs.

oh yeah, zapping it from now on--congrats!

Great thought!!

Cheers, Jenn

@Kathy - good reply indeed, and thank you for your kind words
@Ruth - so true, the challenge brings so many new ideas
@Lynn - thank you so much
@Jenn :)

Great post, it's always better to 'think positive'. There are too many moaners and negative people in the world.
Congrats on completing the challenge and many thanks for all your visits to my blog.

@Paula - your posts were a pleasure to read, congratulations as well

Great post and a great way to conclude the challenge!


@Kathy - thank you, it was so much fun!

Again, I enjoyed your thinking and I am very proud of all of you who plugged away. It make a busy month of reading and commenting for me, but I must say, I read some good stuff! (and some stuff!) he he he

i felt challenged... and definitely had a fun time... power on, claudia...

Congratulations to all who finished....Bravo!

@Jo - yes, you were very active indeed :) happy you tagged along!
@Danneromero - indeed :) very powerful event!
@John - thank you, very kind of you!

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