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Posted by Claudia Moser on 10:25 AM in ,
My current projects - knitting shawls for Christmas :)



Beautiful Claudia

I am itching to start knitting.

If you come across any easy prays patterns will you point me in the right direction.

I'm not great at knitting but would live to try!!

I love the colour of your wool


Happy Friday. X


Lá no Brazil, a tendência da moda Primavera/Verão, é o trabalho com linhas matizadas.
A cores da sua são lindas! Abraços

Adoro esse tom e para esta época a tendência é de novo peças executadas em tricot! Bons trabalhos. Abraços. Ailime (sinais de esperança)

Vai dar um lindo trabalho! beijos,chica

Claudia, lindo tom tem a sua linha! Eu gostei muito! Abraços!

Ah, I'm knitting too, but it's a cowl in white and pink:) For my daughter who has NOTHING in pink, but she wants it for Xmas, so I make it, lol!
Hope you're gonna show the scarf(ves) when it's done?

the BEST presents!!

Very nice, how many will you be making. Thanks for sharing, have a lovely weekend!

I like the water-y colors.

Anonymous says:

Lucky for those who receive such a special gift.
Happy Green Day. ;)

Nice! A reminder for me to go finish that scarf I started.

I've been doing all sorts of knit and crochet projects now gardening season has finished. Love the colours of your yarn. I'm visiting from Green Day.

@Fiona - the wool is gorgeous
@Lucinha - thank you for visiting
@Ailime - it will be a vest!
@Chica :)
@Maria - smiles back
@Karen - no master knitter just one who enjoys the relaxation
@Emille - will show you my blue cowl, very soft and pretty
@Annmarie - agree
@Eileen - I don't know, I have at least 4 scarves
@Lisa - my choice as well
@Marcia - indeed!
@Corinne - good!
@Crafty Gardener - suits the season, right?

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