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This time, Emily Dickinson with her soulfull poems.

A door just opened

A door just opened on a street--
   I, lost, was passing by--
An instant's width of warmth disclosed
   And wealth, and company.

The door as sudden shut, and I,
   I, lost, was passing by,--
Lost doubly, but by contrast most,
   Enlightening misery.

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I love that Poem by Emily. I really like the theme you're going with this year!

Great theme with the women authors, Claudia. I love Emily Dickinson. I still remember having to memorize and recite one of her poems back in grade school. I can still recall the words, too.

The wind began to rock the earth with threatening tunes and low.

He flung a menace at the sky, a menace at the earth....etc.

Amazing how it stays with me over forty years later.

Cattitude and Gratitude

@Diane - thank you so much, I am also happy how the theme evolves
@Cat - yes, we do remember more than we think! Thank you for dropping by

Emily Dickinson is definitely one of my favorites. :D Cheers!! Jenn

@Jenn - curious how many authors we will have in common till the end :)

Great choice for D! It's sad to read about her reclusive life. Today she would most likely have been diagnosed with a mental illness and had some some help. She may have had a better life, but then, we may have been deprived of her great writings.
Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

I love Emily Dickinson. What a soulful poem.

I love Emily Dickinson.

Gorgeous poem, and concept. Good luck with the A-Z!

she was a great woman

I haven't seen this one. What a thought provoking poem to start my day. Thanks!

Anonymous says:

very nice.

i love her kinda crazy.

@Kathy - indeed, different times, different approaches
@Talya - she has an incredibke way with words
@Ruth - good :)
@Beverly - thank you, I enjoy it more and more
@Adam - so true
@Amy - welcome!
@Danneromero - happy you enjoyed it
@Pam - well put!

I hadn't read this poem before, either. Very nice.

@Elaine - it is nice, I agree

I confess I haven't read much of Emily Dickinson. That peom was very sad though.

@Paula - it is sad indeed

Wow, that's such a sad and deep poem. Maybe I should read more of Emily Dickinson's work.

Anonymous says:

As you know, I'm not good with poetry (but I know what I like), but the line about 'an instant's width of warmth disclosed' was stunning. So very melancholy.

@Misha - she has other great poems, worth reading
@Gil - I know but glad you liked her!

No one could be so deep and seemingly irreverent at the same time. Love her poems!

Another talented writer.


Just a glance is sometimes all it takes.
An insightful poem.
Sometimes I wonder if I leave the door open just a crack what will others see?
The High Cost of this Low Living

A poem well selected for Emily Dickinson. Such a profound meaning. I must confess, I'm not a huge fan of Emily Dickinson.

@Corinne - her style is unique, I agree
@Joyce - true
@Bushmann - sometimes I am glad we don't see in other rooms
@Suzy - not everyone's cup of tea, indeed

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