6 years and more than 80.000 hits

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I just woke up this morning and while reading several celebration announcement, I realised that my blog also has reached an important milestone, 6 years of existance and a little surprise on top: more than 80.000 hits! I am humbled by the 259 followers which read my stories constantly, thank you.

While looking at my blog's trend a pattern was identifiable, April and October seem to be the peak months. For April the explanation is clear, the A toZ Challenge which brings more readers. For October I don't really know, probably the weather ^_^

The last A to Z Challenge brought me 6 more followers, lots of hits and a dear theme to me: famous female authors, and I must say I am surprised on how many appreciative comments I got, the theme was rather well taken. Thank you! Plus while reading my fellowers challenge entries I came up with a new idea for next year, my fourth in a row, yes I am determined to continue.

But now back to my personal achievement! I would like to share my happiness with you all, and since my last challenge had as theme writing you might guess what I will do right? Start a giveaway :)

Conditions to enter? Be my follower and leave a comment in respect to the female author which you enjoyed the most from the challenge, I will send you one of her books in case you won (provided you trust me with your address!)

Enjoy and thank you all once more. And yes, the giveaway will end at the end of month and the selection of the winner will be done by my husband, he is impartial!




I love your blog.

Congrats! I enjoy visiting your blog! Have a happy week ahead!

Congratulations! Six years, that is such an achievement .

that's a long time, I haven't even hit year 3 yet

Anonymous says:

Congratulations on such grand milestones! I always enjoy your blog and especially was a big fan of your A to Z theme. You know who my favorite is - Laura Ingalls Wilder! And I thank you for sharing about her during the challenge. ♥ Laura

Many congratulations Claudia on all those hits ! That's an awful lot! You have done so well :). One of my favourites was Agatha Christie, although you had some fabulous authors in there !

Congrats on a successful blog.


Anonymous says:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! (have to be honest, i thought you were going to tell us you were PREGNANT!) :) Prego with JOY is awesome too! Funny, never looked at hits, not even sure how to so happy to see your excitement!! And its always been fun reading your thoughts on GBE2~~ (when i have time to read) its an investment isn't it? ((hugs))

Awesome! Congrats!!!

Dearest Claudia,
Wow, congratulations on that big number's hit, my friend☆☆☆ Always LOVE to visit you♡♡♡

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

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