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Till date I have read lots of articles which demonstrate that people who are viewing life with optimism live longer and enjoy life fully. Some facts which helped me:

1. Have positive thoughts about yourself and others. The glass is always full even if it has 50% water, the rest is air :)
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2. Stop comparing yourself. Every individual has unique and has special talents that should be appreciated. I did learn that my qualities brought me lots of joy and I strive to develop them further.

3. In every difficult moment, face the challenge by focusing on achieving a positive outcome, rather than anticipating defeat. Plus you never know where you end.

4. Exercise, eat healthy diet, and good sleeping habits and hygiene. Well I follow almost all of them!

5. Challenge your mind every day by learning something new, plus read read read, it helps!



Loved the illustration. No empties, ever. :-)

Comparison is a funny thing. It all depends on who you compare yourself to. I often have to remind my daughter that sleeping in her own bed with clean sheets means she's richer than a huge percentage of the world's children. Yes, there's always someone who has it better, but there are always many more who have it worse.

I like the cleverness of the glass one

Good advice, Claudia. Someone once told me that I always seemed to look at the positive side of things, rather than the negative, which was quite a compliment!

Never underestimate the power of positive thinking - it works!
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