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I believe that I always had a fascination for numbers, somehow they hold an incredible truth.

Today's numbers:

7 months since I am working in Germany and 8 months since I moved in Bad Homburg - a tough decision but no regrets linked with it. 487 days since I am married, it sounds so grand but a long road lies ahead.

6.108.976 Euro - the amount of money that I have managed to save for a specific project - not a bad figure after 7 months of work, right?

9 days until I will be in Timisoara, I miss my city like never before. Having the sun suddenly present in my life (spring did reach Germany as well) I realised how much I wish to walk on the Bega banks, to smell the products in th eopen market, to enjoy a coffee on a terasse in Union square, to go to a bookstore and search for little wonders ... Can't wait!

5.00 pm - I hope to leave by then, I just want to walk and ejoy the weather and not to focus too much on the pile of clothes which await my ironing :)

The 9th entry for 2009 - apropiate number right?



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