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Another Wednesday and I can only say: GLORIOUS WEATHER! Spring has really conquered Germany, it is a pity that I can't just take a day off and enjoy the sun. Nevertheless I will be leaving earlier today (somehow I say that each day but seldomly manage to actually do so) in order to just walk a bit and get charged with the power coming out of each corner.

Another Wednesday and it's special, namely the high & low.

- not so busy at work as usual and having a good mood helps!
- packing tonight, I'm off to Romania tomorrow, glad to be there again :)
- my hubbie is back from his business trip and we can spend some quality time tonight :) Actually I should put this as no 1!
- have a get-together planned this afternoon with a dear friend! Can't wait to see her!

- a small tooth ache which I try to ignore (probably shouldn't but I do not like dentists!)
- one of my good friends has a bad cold thus won't be able to see before I depart. Too bad!

And I guess this is it!

I just wish you all a great day, full with sun rays and smiles!



Hi Claudia! ~ Sending blessings your way for your trip! Praying that your toothache doesn't ruin your trip and that it gets better, quickly! ~ Enjoy!! :)

have a lovely trip!!!

xoxo from rome

Thanks Becky, will do my best to enjoy the whole trip!
Hello Karolina, great blog you have! Grazie per il visito :)

Glad hubby is coming home. Take care of that tooth now before it becomes absessed and you will really be in pain. Trust me on that one x 3. Enjoy your trip and be safe.

So glad that spring has sprung in Germany. Likewise, it has been glorious here in England over the past week, although they have said that the temperatures are going to drop again at the weekend :( Enjoy your trip to Romania, and like the others, I hope the toothache goes away. Make sure you get it looked at when you get back!! Have a safe trip and see you on your return.

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