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Today's letter is B, thus Birgit.

She is one of my first German friends, and we met in a very original way.

At the beginning of my stay in Bad Homburg I was travelling to Oberursel, where was my office was located, with the train, the S-Bahn. Somehow with time I developed a routine, I was taking the same train, at the same hour each morning. And so were many other people and after a while you start to greet each other even if you haven't met that person before or didn't have a clue who she / he was. Anyway among the 'regulars' one lady was always there, no matter the weather, the mood, the day. Also she was using the same station as I did as final destination. And one day we were stuck in one of the stations in between so we decided (at the same time) to walk towards the office. And somehow I said Hello and isn't this really annoying. And then we chatted, we talked and the chemistry worked. She has almost the same age as my mom, but with her I feel comfortable, I can talk no matter what, she always understands. She is a great mom, wife, designer (in the past she worked at the same company as I did, coincidence right?) and a good friend. And today she will come to visit, so I can't wait to catch up.

Below some pictures from my morning walk, I decided to buy some lovely cakes from my favourite coffee shop and I could not stop smiling. We have 24 degrees (Celsius), blazing sun, great atmosphere. Simply WONDERFUL :)

Old town

Little corner house

Lovely yellow flowers



What a wonderful story! And what beautiful photos! :) I did an A-Z blog event a while back. It was great fun coming up with things to write about for each letter! Have fun!

That was such a quaint little story!! :) I love it when accidental acquaintances turn out to be such wonderful people, and such great friends.. :) :)
And those pictures are just too gorgeous!! :) :)

Oh! And I forgot again... I wanted to say that I love the template of your blog!! It's so simple, and soooooo pretty! :) :)

What a nice way to make a life-long friend. She sounds lovely.
Your photos are interesting. I love the blue shutters on the house. The street lamps in the first photo are pretty! Isn't spring wonderful with all the sunshine?

Look at that brilliant blue sky! Aren't you lucky. My daughter says that it has been very hot in Paris. What a pretty little place for your walk. Is it near to your home? That's a lovely story of how you met your friend. Isn't it lovely when we just 'click' with people. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

@Becky - thank you, you really discover so many interesting blogs!
@Pencil Girl - thank you, my city is always a good subject for great pictures. The template was a luky discovery on line.
@Belle - Spring is simply great! Fully agree with you!
@This - Yes, the pictures are in my town. You are always welcome to visit!

I am completely homesick after looking at these pictures they remind me of one of my favourite places.
Just outside of Stuttgart is Fellbach -the most charming little Dorf - I would run every morning in der Weinberg und danach kommt ein lecker Kaffee.

I fell in love with Fellbach and dream of going back to live and work!

I recently acquired my citizenship for Austria and am thinking about having an adventure!

There is something so amazing, wonderful, charming, delightful and mesmerizing about some of these wonderful spots in both Germany and Austria.

Thank you for sharing these photos - I will be back often to drink in their beauty.

And...thank you for visiting my site, leaving a comment and adding yourself as a follower!

I appreciate it,

ps - the picture of me, in my avatar, is in Stuttgart at the top of the Media tower overlooking the city.

@Jenny - this world is indeed small isn't it? I will think of you when taking pictures, maybe I will come up with some more which may awake your interest :) How long have you been in Germany?

Hi Claudia,

I go to Germany now and then on business but my most recent trip was both business and pleasure, hence spending some extra time in Fellbach.

My roots are in Austria and now that I have my papers it isn't a problem to come and go and hopefully that will also be the case with finding work.

Since I am fluent in German (in speaking and reading mostly - my writing is in need of some attention) but I have been finishing off my ESL Tutoring Certificate here and when that is done I wish to do a little travelling and see Europe a little more leisurely.

I'm happy to have found you and your site - it will inspire me to stay focused on my dreams.

Much happiness and sunny days,

@Jenny - amazing! Well we do have so much in common :) I would enjoy talking to you some more! I will try to contact you via email OK? And thank you for dropping by!

Such beautiful buildings! I'd love to walk along those attractive streets. And what a wonderful tale of how you met Birgit...she sounds very special indeed! Great tale for the letter "B", Claudia!

@Desiree - yes, somehow the inspiration comes from everywhere :)

Hi Claudia - I have added the option of an email contact to my profile, it is...
jennypearson@gmail.com if you wish to contact me, it would be fun to have a "pen pal" in Germany!


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