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As I was inspired for the my high & low weekly special, this time Belle gave me another wonderful hint, namely the A to Z posting in April. Each day (except Sundays) you post an entry based on the alphabet order. So, here I go with the letter A.

I decided to take April as a word and found this amazing poem which I hope will brighten up your day as well:

April! April! April!
With a mist of green on the trees--
And a scent of the warm brown broken earth
On every wandering breeze;
What, though thou be changeful,
Though thy gold turns to grey again,
There's a robin out yonder singing,
Singing in the rain.

April! April! April!
'Tis the Northland hath longed for thee,
She hath gazed toward the South with aching eyes
Full long and patiently.
Come now--tell us, sweeting,
Thou laggard so lovely and late,
Dost know there's no joy like the joy that comes
When hearts have learned to wait?

Virna Sheard



Wonderful poem- I had not heard of this poet- but I like the style. Great choice for A.

That is a very appropriate poem for the start of April, and a good choice for the letter A. Good luck with this exercise!

This is a lovely poem, Claudia. I can hear the voice of a robin in the, "April! April! April!" refrain.

Thanks for sharing this, and best of luck on your A to Z. I'll pop in again to see how it's going.

Joe Richardson

"The Northland has longed for thee." Living up here in the frozen north, I know how true these words are! Happy, happy April!

Lovely poem! What a great start for A-Z! I'm hoping April will finally bring warm weather to us...

The rain is so much more pleasant in April than it is in February. I enjoyed this poem. Thanks for sharing it!

@Summer Ross - yes, it was a new poet for me too, but found it by chance and thought it is rather appropiate!
@This - indeed! And let's hope I will finish the challenge! Are you starting it too?
@Joe - thank you! And always welcome :) And your entry is very fascinating!
@Belle - April is the beginning :) Can't wait for tomorrow, they announced great weather!
@Sharon - thank you! Happy thoughts :)
@Karen - but sun is so much better right? :)

What a lovely poem about April! Makes me happy we finally entered this wonderful month! :)

<3 kris&kel

great poem! what a wonderful way to start off the challenge. Will be back for more

@Kris and Kel - I wish I could share a bit of the warm breeze coming into the house. It really smells like spring :)
@Baby Girl - do drop by :) This challenge is pretty fun!

That's a beautiful poem, and a great way to kickstart the A to Z challenge.. :D
Thank you so much for dropping by my blog yesterday.. :) :)
Hope you have loads of fun this April!! :D

@Pencil Girl - I have a feeling this April will be unforgetable :)

What a lovely poem! Here, in the south, April heralds the beginning of autumn and our days are shorter. We start to feel a chill on the air.

In end April does not stand overall for spring right Desiree?

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