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Start up comment: a while ago I was looking for guest bloggers and here is the first lady who graciously accepted my challenge :) Thank you Sisi! I am much obliged to your enthusiam and I am so grateful for such a personal entry!

I am guest blogging for lovely Claudia, we had exchanged equal admirations for one another's blog, and I hope all you lovely readers out there won't think I've kidnapped her blog. I am a fashion designer who runs and own my own fashion company based in UK, I would love to talk about fashion, but since Claudia's blog inspired me so, in such a spiritual way, I think I will talk little bit about motherhood.

I think no one can ever prepare you for motherhood. No one ever tells you that actually child birth did'nt hurt, compare to colic.

No one tells you that you are going to love your child more than anything in the world, even yourself, period. I guess there is just simply a road less travelled. Unless you actually travel that road, we can never tell.

Motherhood had trained me into a much organized person with time, I will try to fully participate every minute when I am at work, and just simply have a good laugh when I am with my little one. I come to realized that there is no need to work so much, I can always have less work, more laughters, and more mess with my baby. I come to realized that I don't need to earn a lot of money, enough is plenty. I come to realized that I don't need anyone's praises, all I need is my baby's hugs. I don't care anymore about make up, hair do, shoes, all those things matters to me so much, used to be my centre of universe. What I care about now, it's making sure my baby enjoys her pasta.

I've come to realized that I am not very good at mom's lunch meeting. When a group of ladies group together, it just reminds me of being in high school. So I rather choose the retreat route. Don't get me wrong, I love to meet friends, and chit chat is my speciality. But when so many girls sitting together, comparing what kind of Ipad, what kind of nappies, baby wipes, bottle, bottle cleaners, I am afraid I have to retreat. I felt incredibly powerless and guilty of wanting to work, yearning for my love into work. I feel guilty from pulling myself away from my little girl just for a few hours.

I am so grateful for what had happened to me, multitude of stretch marks on my belly have now became proud marking that I earned. When the mid wife checking on my belly and exclaim, "Oh my, that is a lot of stretch marks". For someone had been obsessed about what I eat every day, the calories I taken, I could'nt stop beaming from ear to ear that I have marking from my dear little one. Having a child, that her smiles, her touch, you just cannot ever fallen so much in love.

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This is such beautiful post, and it's true. Nobody can tell you, you have to find out.

Gorgeous post, Claudia, love love the quote! Must remember this one.
Einen ganz guten Abend xxx

@Sarah - yes, Sisi did a great job and she wrote with a lot of passion!
@Saskia - sehr wahr oder? Schön geschrieben!

That was a great first guest post from Sisi. I also loved the quotes.

@Diane - I agree with you, she did a great job!

Such a wonderful post!!

@Autumn - thank you in Sisi's name!

Yep,,,agree, you gotta see for yourself. With the birth of a first baby, a mommy is indeed born. :)

I changed into another person when I had my first child. I had never experienced love so deep there is no end to it.

@Jo - luck you :)
@Belle - you are a wonderful mother and grandmother my dear :)

Hi Claudia,
Lovely guest post...I'm checking in to see how Peter is and how you are doing as well. Prayers still going out for you and yours...


@Sush - thank you, Sisi deserves all the praise! And yes Peter is a bit better!

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