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While I was waiting for Beth to post this week theme under the GBE2, I did not realise that the click will happen so automatic. She mentioned one year ago, and I thought of Queen's song, One year of love.

Sadly I did not find a good record of the song, but quite a good cover

This automatic link was probably due to the first lines

Just one year of love
Is better than a lifetime alone
One sentimental moment in your arms
Is like a shooting star right through my heart
It's always a rainy day without you

since it is raining so hard outside and I miss Peter so much. He is still in hospital, doing much much better, but still we are both alone. Usually when we have heavy storms, we find each other and drink coffee and watch the nature's power.

What makes it harder is the fact that he will be released tomorrow, but I have to go on a business trip (for two days only but still!) and I will not be present when he returns ...

One year of love, for me that is what stands behind me and I am sure also ahead!

Thank you Beth for letting me acknowledge that!



Anonymous says:

@Beth - indeed :)

I'm glad he's being released from the hospital.


@Joyce - so am I :)

Claudia, I am so glad that Peter is coming home but I'm sad that you will be away when he does, but
2 days will go quickly and you will be together very soon.

Take care.

x Fiona

Anonymous says:

I'm glad to hear that Peter is coming home, and two days will go quick, then you will be together again.


@Fiona & Eva - I am also very happy that he is coming home, has to rest a bit, but still so much better! Will see him in the morning though :)))

Anonymous says:

I hope everything turns out great.

@Diana - for sure :)

Great post. I was just a wee bit weepy

@Frizzy - actually me too :)

How wonderful...one year of love and he's coming home. Blessings for appreciating, for sure. <3

Autumn Saylor says:

This was lovely

Beautiful. Here's to many more years of love for the two of you!

@Laura - thank you, we intend to :)

Wonderful post!


I don't know why Peter was in hospital but I hope he's doing better.

@Kathy - thank you!
@Steven - very kind of you!

What a great way to think! I love it. Well done.

Wishing you a quick two-day trip and a happy homecoming!

@Sjer - thank you, very kind of you!
@Amy - already back and all went well, home for a while, and that is great!

Glad to hear he is coming home. I love your take on this week's theme. Cheers, Jenn.

@Jenn - thank you :-)

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