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One of the most common found social custom in Germany is called Stammtisch, which basically means regular table. It either is organised within family members or with friends. Since I moved here, I was always playing with the thought of organising such a table, with friends for sure, but you need to find the right location. Plus you don't want to spend a fortune on going out, the purpose is to have fun and enjoy the company of your friends.

The search went on, since both Peter and I love to go out and eat, finding new locations, sampling new dishes.

Thus, when one of our friends told us that her husband is making one of his dreams true, somewhere back in my mind I was hoping to find THE place. They opened a new restaurant, called Dalmatino, and yesterday they had the official opening. And guess what? I think we found it! We are already planning to get a couple there in the next days, to see what they think. Slowly but surely, I feel that I find my place in Bad Homburg. And that feels good.

At the beginning you feel a bit lost, you are the new face but with time you meet people, you make new aquitances, you develop friendship, basically your social popularity increases and I know that yesterday was just a small step into that direction.

Some pictures to witness the lovely evening yesterday.

On the way

At the place

Night in Bad Homburg

the last one is from a concert from the Culture Night!

What a great night, this for sure will be repeated. Happy Sunday!



Stammtisch is fun .I also love eating out and going out ;).

Anonymous says:

Hello Claudia, It's always nice eating out. The restaurant looks beautiful, I like the interior and decor. Beautiful pictures too, I love the one of the front door with the pumpkins, very cute. Have a lovely Sunday! Hugs x

What a lovely place. Is that you at the table eating?
I love the idea of Stammtisch. I have a girl's night out once a month and five of us rotate picking a restaurant and eating together. It's a lovely tradition.

This looks like a great place to eat. I'm hungry now :-)

This looks like it was a wonderful evening. We have kids in college, so going out has become less frequent.


It looks like you found a wonderful place. Enjoyed all the pictures!

Hi Claudia. That new restaurant looks really lovely. Just the sort of place I really like! I'm glad you feel that you are gradually getting a sense of belonging. It does take time when you move to a new place, and a new country in particular. Lovely photos of the sky, and, like Eva, I really liked the one of the front door with the pumpkins.

@Izdiher - you re right, it is fun!
@Eva - thank you for your comment, the door was really cool!
@Karen - yes, I had carpaccio, then veal with french fries and panacota! And that is a great idea!
@Sarah - sorry!
@Joyce - you can always change that! :)
@Laura - it is a lovely place indeed!
@Diane - yes, getting part of a new society is not that easy.

Never been overseas (Canada doesn't count right?). I know I would like to see Europe some day!

@Mike - well Canada is another country :) you would enjoy Europe for sure, so many countries to see!

The restaurant is stunning! Definitely somewhere I'd like to try :)

@Gawgus - the food was also great :)

The colors of the trees is beautiful. We have the same thing here right now. The restaurant is classy, just wonderful. I'm glad your are making more friends and feeling good about where you live.

Great photos, and the ones of the food, yummy!!!! Glad you found
your table!

@Belle - yes, autumn is simply gorgeous, I so love the mix. Yes, slowly but surely getting around!
@Jilda - well I hope so :) I will keep you all posted!

Some great photos! Love the colours of the trees - and the restaurant looks lovely.

I loved looking at/reading this. It really brought me with you. Thanks for that. We have such a busy household and our kids have lots of allergies. We never get to eat out. What a treat that would be!

OH your writing is so welcoming and the photos; THE BEST; ok taking a flight over; you can take me there uhuh! DEFINITELY not bahumbug!rather Bad Homburg which is GOOD hehe LOVE THIS *and i an hungry now

How perfectly delightful! I love the idea and I love the new restaurant! The food looks divine.
I have not been to Germany, but your posts are making me want to take a trip!
Lovely post. :)

Sounds like you had a wonderful night out!


@Paula - the restaurant is worth re-visiting!
@Amy - it is a treat indeed and I cherish each moment with my husband while going out.
@Brenda - thank you, very sweet :) You should come for a visit!
@Jo - you are always welcome!
@Kathy - it was and for sure I will repeat that!

How exciting to be discovering a new country and making new friends. Looks like a promising place.

@Beverly - thank you for dropping by!

Anonymous says:

That building is beautiful! The inside of the restaurant looks very inviting--I think I'd love it there (especially if we got to hang out with you and Peter!).

@Beth - anytime, just let me know when you will be in Europe :)

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