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Another Saturday and very unusual for me, without many things to do. I was super active yesterday, did my usual weekend chores, so here I am with a free day, able to do whatever I want.

Thus I proceed :)

Morning walk with Peter, coffee for sure, some small shopping (found a lovely fuchsia wool to knit a special gift for my niece), came home and starting cooking. A lovely chutney based on cranberries, apple and pear (yummy for meat!!), a nice orange ginger cake (recipe will follow on a Tasty Tuesday, promise) and a nice warm soup.

And now? Now I am debating with myself, shall I read, sleep, or knit? Decided to blog instead :))

Tonight we will be busy, an opening of new restaurant Dalmatino, owned by two good friends (will take pictures promise!) and then off we will go to the Culture Night. This is based on a very interesting idea, when for 5 hours all major cultural locations in town open their doors (till midnight!) and will organise special events, like concerts, art exhibitions. I cannot wait to walk around and enjoy the evening and the culture.

So what about you? And Saturday plans you would like to share with me?

As you might have notice, I am in a good mood and would love you to catch it :))

And I decided to smile!



Sounds like you're having a chillaxing day :) Enjoy your Saturday and have a lovely evening!

Hugs x

Have fun tonight! Can't wait to see the pictures, I bet it's going to be so interesting :)

love the cartoon, lol.

Sounds like a fabulous day! Love the sound of your chutney - you'll have to post the recipe for that on a Tasty Tuesday as well. Hope the restaurant is scrummy and enjoy Culture Night - what a fantastic idea!

What a lovely day you've had so far, and it sounds like the evening was just as great. Looking forward to hearing about it :-)

Hi Claudia,

Your day sounds great,
lots of lovely things going on
the chutney sounds great.

Hope you have a wonderful evening,
looking forward to the photos.

Happy Halloween weekend my friend.

Fiona x

Love the cartoon! I love cultural events too. Should be tons of fun. I spent the day with my mom playing rummy and Yahtzee. Also, I took my granddaughter to a job interview at Wendy's (a hamburger place like McDonald's) and she got the job! We are very happy for her. She will be working after school or weekends.

@Eva - it was a very lovely day indeed, thank you.
@Bibi - posted :)
@Emma - the chutney recipe will be posted, for sure. It was a lovely Culture Night.
@Sarah - I was very fortunate.
@Fiona - Happy Halloween indeed, thank you for being around.
@Belle - your day sounds like fun, and happy for your granddaughter!

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