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Laughter is an instant vacation. ~Milton Berle

What makes me laugh?

When someone tickels me, especially when I know it's coming.

When someone tells a good joke, fitting the situation.

When I watch a nice comedy serial, like IT Crowd do you know it?

When a child smiles, like this afternoon. A dad and his daughter are walking. The child is not older than 3 years. She suddenly says: 'Start counting, I will hide!' and she goes behind a bush and starts counting :) Her dad hides behind a wall, and the girl goes: 'I see you, I see you :)' and had a wonderful smile on her face.

When I spend a nice evening with my friends, just being silly!

Laughing, being happy, smiling brings in me an incredible warm feeling, and in the end what soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul. ~Yiddish Proverb

Keep smiling!



This whole post made me smile :-)

Very nice! The video is great!

You made me smile! :-)

@Sarah - I am glad!
@Mike - IT crowd is hilarious!
@Laura - :)

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Especially loved the story about the father and child. Children can be so entertaining. When ours were little, Hubby and I sometimes worried we'd scar them because they made us laugh so often. Instead, they both grew up with great senses of humor.

Yes, this post made me smile as well my friend. Laughter really is so good for the soul. I loved the story about the little girl as well. Bless!

You are such a wonderfully upbeat, contented young lady, Claudia. So level headed and well balanced! I always admire the way you find joy and pleasure in the simple things of life, those wholesome moments so many young folk tend not to see, or if they do, find them boring. Never change this about yourself, OK?

Great post :) thanks for the memories I havent seen the IT Crowd in years.

Well said!!


I am such a good audience! It isn't hard to make me laugh and like you, I love to laugh. Good job.

I agree. There is nothing like a good laugh.


I agree with the boy doing the math. Fun post!

@Angela - yes, children are amaing and their stories are always worth re-telling.
@Diane - she was so cute, and talking so sweet!
@Desiree - I promise I will try not to. Thank you for your comment, you are so sweet!
@Luan - they are brilliant aren't they?
@Kathy - thanks!
@Jo - happy I managed!
@Joyce - so true!
@Belle - well yes :)

Love the Yiddish proverb. It's so true.

fun post. thanks for sharing.

you've got a new follower... i hope you will follow and enjoy my stories at


@Suzy - indeed!
@Danneromero - following you back :)

Anonymous says:

OMG, how have I never seen the IT crowd. I had to watch all the clips. Thanks for the lovely post and the giggle. Cheers -Kelly

A smile inducing post :D Loved the Yiddish proverb btw; never heard it before!

Takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile!

I love the IT Crowd and finding simple reasons to laugh. Wonderful post, I'm still smiling. :)

@Gene Pool Diva - they are simply great fun!
@Mojo - that was my aim :)
@Awwsumkitteh - so true!
@The host - happy then :)
@Brenda :)

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