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Posted by Claudia Moser on 3:30 PM in
After a usual Saturday morning (breakfast in two, shopping, cleaning) I suddenly became so inspired today :) Somehow I am under the magical spell of cooking, and here I was preparing a lovely lunch: pea soup with shrimps, beetroot bolognese and poached pears with vanilla sauce!

Some photos and do watch this space for recipes, they will come I promise :)

No special plans for this weekend, just to enjoy Peter's and Naila's company. Heavy travelling ahead and I want to enjoy the days off.

What about you?



Beetroot bolognese sounds scrummy - I love beetroot! No plans for the weekend, recovering from my time back with the family ;)

@Emna - for sure you miss them dearly. The recipe will be posted soon :) Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous says:

good evening Claudia, those dishes looks very jummy :)
No plans for this weekend, just chillaxing recovering a bit from the flu. Enjoy the rest of your Weekend!
Hugs x

Gosh, I'm very impressed with all this cooking that you're doing my friend! I love beetroot as well, so would certainly enjoy that dish. Enjoy just relaxing before you're off on your travels again.

Yummy dishes you prepared! My weekend as you've probably noticed is all about LSU Football. I did make a chicken creole etouffee with linguine and spinach salad and crusty french bread that was very good.

Happy weekend to you dear friend, enjoy your time with Peter and Naila!


I'll take some pea soup with shrimps to go please. It looks wonderful :-)

@Eva - I hope you feel better and you will have a speedy recovery!
@Diane - well I am truly inspired lately, it relaxes me a lot.
@Sush - I saw what you wrote, great hame indeed! And your dish sound amazing, you should share the recipe :)
@Sarah - I would happily cook it for you :)

Oh you mentioned pea soup. My favorite. And my Rich made the best pea soup. His special touch was a pinch of nutmeg to it. Made all the difference. Now I want some!!!

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