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Despite having a bad cold, I decided to travel to Estonia for a workshop organised for our current project. For me, being in a critical stage for the project implementation, I considered my attendance a priority and I was hoping to have some great insights and learn something useful.

Strangely enough I am dissapointed. Most likely due to my health and my unability to focus 100% but also because I am not actually seeing an added value after the first day. I do hope (cos hope dies last right?) that tomorrow it will better, both with my cold and also with the work aspects.

One thing I have taken with me after the day, I was reminded of this great story:

Four blind men encounter an elephant. One grabs the leg and concludes it is a tree trunk. One holds the tail thinking it is a whip. Another touches the elephant's trunk and decides it's a hose and the fourth man pats the side concluding it's a wall.

The wise man tells them, "All of you are right."

I hope you all are healthy and having a better Thursday, I would feel actually better knowing that!



Oh Claudia,
sorry to read that you are unwell.

I do hope that tomorrow is better for you both health wise and work wise!

Take care of yourself.

x Fiona

I hope you feel better soon--I hate having to concentrate when I'm in a miserable way with a cold. Some hot soup and perhaps a good night's rest :) Cheers, Jenn

Dear girl...I do hope you start feeling better sooner than later. You are a whirling dervish of activity but even a dervish must take care.

Anonymous says:

Get well soon, Claudia!

Please get well soon Claudia, and I do hope that you will have a much better day tomorrow, healthwise AND workwise. I loved Sush's comment by the way!

Anonymous says:

I hope you're your usual energetic, clear-headed self soon. It's no fun being sick. :O(

Look after your self and I hope you feel better soon and that the course gets better X

Hope you feel better soon!! If you feel better, everything else will be better too!


Poor baby girl! (((hugs))) I recommend some hot tea with lemon and honey and of course, some rich thick chicken noodle soup. Then get some sleep and drink lots of O.J.
It's a bad day when you aren't up to snuff AND your course is making you feel like you shoulda aughta have stayed home in bed. :(

Oh...so bummed that you're not feeling well while you're out of town. I hate when that happens! Hopefully you'll get some rest in between workshops, etc.

Being sick sucks. I hope you feel better. Interesting story about the blind men.


Being sick sucks. I hope you feel better. Interesting story about the blind men.


@Fiona - Friday was a better day and Saturday just perfect :) Thank you for your kind words.
@Jenn - yes, concentration is very hard to achieve while sick. A good night sleep was just what I needed!
@Sush - you are so sweet and caring, thank you!
@Eva - doing my best!
@Diane - well, the work is behind me at least for one more day.
@Beth - so kind of you, still not at 100% but trying!
@Luan - the workshop was not what I expected, but such is life.
@Kathy - so true!
@Jo - tea and chicken soup are always welcome!
@Susan - I eventually slept for 12 hours!
@Joyce - the story is good indeed!

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