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A kiss may ruin a human life.
Oscar Wilde

Enjoy your weekend!



Very true - NEVER give up :)

@Emma - well yes, but be careful what you wish for! :)))

EWWWW no kissing frogs! (shakes her head and grinZ)

@K - LOL, well you never know do you?

Well... You know what they say? You gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince... hee hee

So so true, Claudia.

Very true Claudia. Cute picture.
Have a lovely weekend!


Anonymous says:

I love frogs! I used to catch them as a child near my home, bring them home, dig a deep hole in my Dad's garden so they had a place to swim.

Cuuuute picture!

I used to play with frogs all the time. I thought they were adorable!

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oh boy. how true is that.

If we give up we die inside.

:-) and the beginning of a multitude of expenses when bellies start to swell :D Thanks for stopping by my blog :D

Cute picture and sage words!


@Darlene - so true!
@Karen :)
@Eva - for you as well!
@beachlover - you did? Fascinating!
@Bnnie - some yes, but not all of them!
@danneromero - yes yes!
@Belle- you are so right!
@Pen - thank you for following, very kind of you!
@Jenny- thank you my dear!

Cute picture, and wise words! Let's hope that little girl will find her very own prince when she grows up.

@Diane - who knows?

A kiss certainly can ruin a human life or make one complete! Either/or. It's a gamble and one we take sooooooo often as humans!
Loved it.

Oh yes, I kissed a lot of frogs!
(Hang on, I'm not sure I like how that makes me sound!)

@Jo - well it is a gamble, sometimes you are lucky, sometimes not!
@Sarah - no worries, I do understand!

I can think of a few kisses which messed up my life. Oscar was always on the mark with his thoughts (I adore him!) However, I still kiss frogs at every opportunity. As is declared in Galaxy Quest... Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

So true, never give up, who knows what you might find right?

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