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"We must become the change we want to see in the world."
by Gandhi

One of my new friends in Germany, B., is a lady who had some tough moments in herlife, but somehow she never lost her positive, healthy and sane way of thinking. She has a lovely family, two sons and two grandchildren, works as a technical assistant - one of the few people who can still draw technical items by hand. We met by chance, at the beginning of my lite in Germany, I did not have a car (still in Romania then), thus I had to travel by bus and train to work. And being a person with habits, I always took the train at the same hour in the morning (in the evenimg, well, you always know when you get to the office, but when you leave is another story!) And of course, B. is also a person with habits, so we shared the same train and with time we started to chat. And we did not yet stop ;) And I must say that she has my mom's age, so I guess that so ehow I am the daughter she never had and she is a kind of German mother, but nevertheless the friendship is there. She is warm and sweet, we meet now on a regilar basis, talk over coffee hours and hours not noticing how time flies.

But I digress.

B. told me one day that she thought that now that the sons are out of house, she has some time available, which she would like to invest. So she started helping at a food pantry, because she thinks that her small controbution brings some light into some people's lives. She already tells me stories about her regulars, there are so many people who had to overcome many hardships.

B.'s dedication may seem small, but for me she makes a difference and for this she has my respect and admiration. A role model in my eyes.



Claudia, thanks for sharing about your friend, B, and also the quote from Steve Jobs. It is very inspirational. I am going to put it up somewhere where I can see it every day to remind me of what's important.

@Karen - I am happy you enjoyed it!

How lovely for you to have met a friend like B, and to spend hours chatting away together! That is such a good thing she is doing, helping out at the Food Pantry.
I'm sorry that my post made you cry today. That wasn't my intention my friend!

Just wanted to say thank you again for your support and excitement about the magazine! I am just so touched by everyone's reaction. Happy New Year to you!
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Lady B sounds wonderful. She does make a difference in your life and in others.

I love hearing about good people like this. Gives me much needed hope for the world :-)

Great quotes and a lovely story, love making new friends like that.

B. sounds like a wonderful woman to invest her new-found time in others rather than on moping around on her own.

She truly deserves to be a role-model, one whose example I hope to follow one day.


good post.
i say any contribution that anyone makes, to enhance themselves, is a worthy cause. And especially if it effects others positively.

@Diane - I was very fortunate indeed, and she is a great person. I cried because it was so touching, it was such a lovely post!
@Parisienne - I cannot wait to see it!
@Belle - she is and she does!
@Sarah - you are so right!
@Sylvia - who knows? Chance meetings happen every day.
@Misha - I am sure you will.
@Danneromero - so true, and she does so much!

B makes a difference for the people she helps.


Just a quick thought here...Lady B does make a difference. You make a difference every time you write a story, a blog or a note. Your words make a difference. ♥

@Joyce - she does indeed!
@Jo - you make me blush, those were very nice words! Thank you

Rich friendships like this are wonderful! You must be pretty special too to be able to recognize a good role model when you see it... Some don't you know. You have validated B's life and given it value. Nice post.

@Kathi - I am a lucky person indeed! Thank you for dropping by!

Mrs. B sounds like a jewel. She certainly is a blessing to those she helps feed.

@Darlene - yes, she is very special, I am very fortunate to have her in my life!

Yes, that one fit well!

@November rain - she is special!

Good for her. I think that is great. Anything we do, no matter how small we may think, makes a difference. I am a Director of Volunteers. I love volunteers and often say " they make the world go round."

No matter how small, every person who makes a contribution which is selfless, serving only to benefit another, is strengthening the human race. Your friend is a little miracle, and I'm glad you met your 'German Mum' :o)

It's so cool to know someone like this!!! Great Write!

@Laura - they do make the difference and they are so important, you are right!
@Gill - she is my 'German Mum' and I am grateful for having her!
@Cindy - thank you for your kind words

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