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My most pregnant new beginning during the last years was the move to Germany. And to put it bluntly I don't regret it. I have my family (just being with Peter would be enough), I found a job which I like and I start slowly to enlarge my social circle.

Funnily enough tonight one of my oldest friends (literally!) contacted me and told me that she also moved, also in Germany, some 200 km away from where we live. And while chatting with her, I realised that her fears are so similar to mine: did I make the correct choice? Will I be happy? How will my family adjust to the new environment? How will my job evolve? I tried to comfort her and to be a good friend (even from the distance). I know it will be hard, but she will manage, she is one of the toughest people I know, very determined, very intelligent (she is a dedicated doctor!). But for a while some days will be harder than she expects, the fears will be present, she will have doubts. It helps to talk, I remember that, and to acknowledge small successes, like finding new ways to go to work (without GPS), to discover your favourite coffee place and be a regular, to walk around and enjoy nature.

But in the end “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” )Lao Tzu) right? And she did the first, as did I almost 4 years ago. It ain't easy but boy I had fun so far!



That is a big move. I did the same a few years back (moved to London), oh the stories. I wish I had kept a journal back then, but all I have are the letters home. It is very true that some days are harder than others..some of mine memories have never left me, while others I lost the minute I lived it.

@Brenda - well you should tell them, I for sure would love to read them!

You make is sound like one big adventure and not scarey at all. I love that about you :)

@Luan - most of the times it. is an adventure! But it ain't easy ;)

It's nice that you always seem to be able to put such a positive slant on things, Claudia. I moved to Germany for three years back in the late 70's from England, and it was a big step for me, as I had never been away from family and friends before.

I understand what you're saying completely. We moved to Paris nearly 8 years ago now (eek!) and I still get bad days when all I want is to be with my family back in the UK, but luckily it's not too far away and I get to see them lots!

@Diane - I do try to keep positive, it's no point in panicking, right?
@Emma - I know you understand!

I often think when I read your posts how exciting for you and Peter. I seldom see your fear or your indecisiveness. For me, moving away from my family would be difficult, at this age, when I was younger I would not have hesitated. Adventures are never just safe, there is always a plus and a minus. That's what makes it adventurous!

@Jo - do not doubt that I have my moments of weakness but I choose to deal with them. It is not easy but I did take the decision to move to the country where my husband lives and I am happy with that!

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