Wordless Wednesday - Timanfaya Volcano

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Wow, great photos.

good photo shoot.
powerful lens!
thanks for sharing.

I would love to visit Lanzarote. Great photos!


Great shots. Reminds me of a place in Idaho I went to many years ago.

Awesome in its barren empty state.

I find nature so interesting. I might have seen the same one Barb saw in Idaho. There was lava rocks strewn for miles.

Great photos!

wow!!! cool!

xoxo from rome

Awesome photos for us today, Claudia. No words necessary!

That is kind of sad looking to me. Those would be great photos for a science fiction story about the end of the world. Did you feel sad when you were looking?

@Luan - the scenery was special!
@Tariq - actually I took them with a normal camera, but the weather was great!
@Weissdorn - I also think you would like it.
@Barb - also volcanic, will google it!
@Sush - barren is the word!
@Belle - it is special!
@Mandy - thank you!
@Karoline :)
@Diane - so true
@Darlene - not sad, but respectful, the view is so powerful and somehow scary!

These pictures speak volumes.

These are fabulous shots! I've been here too with the family - great place :)

It seems so desolate--I can see what you mean by it being powerful!! Wow!! Great shots!

What gorgeous photos! Looks like a fabulous place to go for an adventure! Very inspiring!


@Rick - the silence is as impressive as the view!
@Emma - indeed, will most likely return soon.
@Jenn - thank you!
@Sarah - try it!

It's amazing to me, what lurks beneath a serene surface. When you say the word, volcano, it conjures up images of fire and brimstone spewing out of the mouth of a mountain that could never have been quiet. When in reality, the mouth of those maidens remain quiet for long stretches between. Wonderful!

@November- true, the power underneath is amazing, and the feelings you have are of respectful fear. And somehow I always think that they will return to their active state

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