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How can she just sit and wait for her husband to do all for her? Cannot she just stand up and get herself a glass of Chardonnay? So here he comes, at full speed, stumbles, spills a bit of wine. But of course she raises her tone, how clumsy he can be. And now she asks where are her nuts? And maybe some cheese? A carrot also, asks her husband with a smile. How can he keep on smiling? Can't he just tell her that he might want to enjoy his short break prior to his flight? But so are some guests, they try everything free available at the lounge and then there are these women who know how to control her partners. Oh, I wish I had someone who I could command like this.

I hope she is comfortable in her seat, I would love to do anything for her. She should not stand up, a glass of Chardonnay of course, that is her favourite. Oh dear me, how clumsy I can be, she noticed, probably worried for my new leather shoes. Well, they do not count. Oh, forgot about the nuts. I ask if I should bring her some cheese and carrots, she loves them. I so love to see her there on her chair, her presence makes me so happy. It will be a long flight today, I hope she will be OK. Maybe some water for me, I am so nervous. Will all be OK? Oh, how I wish to have her in my life for many many years to come. Oh, how I wish the multiple sclerosis was not part of our marriage.

Two perspectives imagined today while watching a lounge employee wondering at a sight of couple, noticed the pain the woman had while walking and also her dossier on the table. I hope all will be fine with her!



Sad. :( But real life sometimes is.
Good job.

@Jo - that is true, life is sometimes sad!

Anonymous says:

well done...wow........

Not everything is as it seems.

Very interesting how we can judge a situation not knowing all the facts. He is a sweetheart of a husband.

Claudia - that was a great post. When I started reading I thought, oh, goodness that woman is spoilt and very controlling...until I came to the second paragraph.

Interesting isn't it when we stop and go beyond first impressions and allow ourselves to have compassion and see things from different angles.

I enjoyed this post very much.

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Interesting views on the same situation.


Anonymous says:

Life is sometimes so unfair and doesn't deal us the hand we want. Good take on the topic and very insightful.

@Drc - it was a story I had to tell ...
@Luan - so true, I sometimes wonder what lies behind the walls
@Belle - he was very caring and tender
@Jenny - thank you, it was a very intense scene to watch, sometimes airport lounges offer you some great life lessons!
@Joyce - indeed!
@KAT - no, life is sometimes unfair but what we have to do is to appreciate each second, we don't know how long it lasts!

Anonymous says:

Oh, Claudia, I love this. What a great but simple lesson on the importance of reserving judgment.

When I began reading this I thought how rude she was to her husband, but that is first impressions. Not everything is as it seems and that is the way life goes.


@Beth - indeed, sometimes we just need to observe, listen, and learn.
@Kathy - so true, patience is welcomed prior judging!

I liked this. A good reminder that we often don't have all the facts and should reserve judgement. Nice... :-)

@Kathi - indeed, thank you!

Anonymous says:

Interesting. Nice reminder that we should never judge a situation.


@Susanne - judgement comes so easy, understanding is harder!
@Amy - thank you

What great observations on your part and a wonderful job of givbing it both the outsiders and the insiders points of view. Reminds us to not always judge a book by the cover!

@Amy - thank you for your positive feedback!

Anonymous says:

Only a compassionate person, such as yourself would observe, care and wonder. I am the same way, Claudia. I am constantly looking around at people and wondering what their life is.

@Linda - thank you for your kind words! People watching is an interesting activity

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