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What does happiness stand for? For each of us something else, but here I am at the beginning of April 2014, doing another A to Z Challenge with a special project, namely finding 26 items which bring me happiness.

A stands for Art, I could not imagine my life without its manifestation. I have selected below some paintings which I enjoyed during an exhibition in Frankfurt at the Schirn Museum, called Esprit Montmartre. For more details you could go here.

I am fascinated by Paris and its artists and this collections truly expresses the creative explosion happening at the beginning of the XXth century. Enjoy and welcome to the challenge!



Hi Claudia! I love the French Impressionists - especially Monet - and like you, I'm fascinated by Paris, one of my favourite cities.

I love art, and like you said, it's great for lifting the spirits. My favorites were more along the Italian Renaissance and the Flemish. Although, thinking further... Finding things that make you happy is like counting your blessing--good move. :)

my T is an artist, she'd never been to Paris, I took her the first year we were together, and watching her face walking down the Champs de Elysee, and then in the Louvre was magickal. Well done on your first A to Z blog challenge post 2014.

What a wonderful theme, Claudia. Not doing the a-z this year, but will enjoy from sidelines. I love Paris, too. Must go back and spend more time at the Louvre.

Art brings me happiness, too. And, your "XXth" century will bring you some odd blog visitors. ;)


Hi Claudia, and welcome to A to Z! I do love art of all kinds and look forward to your posts!

Dearest Claudia; Oh A-art. Isn't it refreshing to enjoy art to visit museum♡♡♡
I hope you are enjoying the wonderful week, my friend.

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Love it, Claudia! I, too, adore French artists and Paris. What's not to like? Thanks for sharing with us. Looking forward to reading your posts during the challenge.

Anonymous says:

Oh, how I love art. These are beautiful works, Claudia. You've inspired me to visit an art gallery. I'm long over due!

Art is so very important! I'm actually doing most of my posts about artists, I've had such fun researching it.
Liz at Bead Contagion

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