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For those who visit my blog quite often, this is not a surprise - I am a bookworm. I cannot imagine my life without books and while having hard times I always find my escape and peace while reading. This year I have started a challenge on Goodreads, namely to read 50 books in 2014. I have managed 23 books, which is quite a lot now that I ponder on the topic. I have actually managed to fall in love again with the process of reading and it gives me much joy to be able to say at the end of a book - what a story!

And I think I might plan this for my new flat, what do you think?

And I will leave with a quote from the last book, The Big Picture by Douglas Kennedy:

“We all crave latitude in life, yet simultaneously dig ourselves deeper into domestic entrapment. We may dream of traveling light but accumulate as much as we can to keep us burdened and rooted to one spot. And we have no one to blame but ourselves. Because-though we all muse on the theme of escape-we stil find the notion of responsibility irresistible. The career, the house, the dependents, the debt-it grounds us. Provides us with a necessary security, a reason to get upin the morning. It narrows choice and ergo, gives us certainty. And though just about every man I know rails against being so cul-de-saced by domesic burden, we all embrace it. Embrace it with a vengeance.”



Dearest Claudia;
Oh B-book! Great hobby, isn't it♪ Love the matching image and great quote, my friend.

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

I wouldn't survive without books to read. Plain and simple.

My grandson would love that bookshelf/seat, although he would be laying down with his feet up. I don't read as much as I used to. Pretty sure I will not finish 54 books this year.

Good for you reading all those books. Feel free to connect with me on Goodreads. I didn't sign up for that challenge though. Wow! You are an avid reader. Way to go! I enjoy reading a good book where I totally lose myself in it. Doesn't happen that often but when it does, it's pure magic.

Books take us so many places! Great to see your post.

Beth Lapin

Oh my gosh, that is a cool chair!

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"A story is not like a road to follow … it's more like a house. You go inside and stay there for a while, wandering back and forth and settling where you like and discovering how the room and corridors relate to each other, how the world outside is altered by being viewed from these windows. And you, the visitor, the reader, are altered as well by being in this enclosed space, whether it is ample and easy or full of crooked turns, or sparsely or opulently furnished. You can go back again and again, and the house, the story, always contains more than you saw the last time. It also has a sturdy sense of itself of being built out of its own necessity, not just to shelter or beguile you."
by Alice Munro

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