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Another Wednesday and this time not in Estonia. This for sure deserves the top stop in the Highs :)

A very mixed day to be honest:
- a long day at work even if this morning I decided to leave early - lesson learned? Don't say, do it!
- rainy day, grey and cold - lesson learned? Linen is not a good material to wear when it's humid!
- dentist appointment - lesson learned? More brushing!
- watching women's world football championship - lesson learned? Women can play as great football as men, just watch USA vs France
- tired, tired, tired - wish: early sleep, but now comes in the first lesson right?

I wish you all a Happy Wednesday, I will do my best to end mine on a happy note!



Almost the weekend. Smile!!!!

Hi Claudia. Sorry to hear that it was such a long day at work, and also that it is still cold and damp. :( We've actually had a good couple of days over here, but nowhere near as warm as it should be. The womens football has been good. They could certainly teach the English mens' team a thing or two!!

@Barb - I'm smiling :)
@Diane - the women are great indeed! I miss summer :(

GREAT LESSONS !!! I hope you have a wonderful night and better tomorrow :)

Hi Claudia!

What is with the rain lately? Seriously!! It's July, it needs to stop so we can wear our linen clothes.

Are you going to see the women's game in person? I hear tickets are 200e!!

@Jenni - hope so! Tomorrow I'm on a business trip, again!

Hello Michelle, I wanted to but decided against it due to the weather. It is really depressive, isn't it?

How great, to be able to find some positive lessons in things that seem to be negative!

Linen wrinkles on the best of days! I love the look and feel of it though. I love watching our women's hockey team play in the Olympics.

Anonymous says:

Boo for long days! I love watching women's football. (Well, soccer to us Americans.) ;) Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

@Paula - the only way to cope with bad days :)
@Belle - I love it too, but after 5 mins it looks really bad :)
@Madeline - the USA won so you must be thrilled!

Yes but the good news is...it is Wednesday!! Which for most of us means only two more work days to go!! LOL!!

I hope you do go get that rest!!

Cheers, Jenn

Enjoy your blog. I have a different feeling about the word "Husband" from you. I know it is technically correct. I'm married and I'm one too. But the overtones of a word sometimes spoil it. Husband is a bit old fashioned, a bit dated, a bit too formal. It's like "I slept with Mr Moser last night, and this morning I awoke in Mr.Moser's arms". I prefer the word "Lover". You can be one you know, even if you are married! It doesn't have to be illicit! Hope you had a good night....

Good lessons learned - particularly brushing more and not wearing Linen on a damp day!

Great High/Low post!

Cheers, Jenny

@Jenn - one more day to go now :-) plus a new theme on the pipeline!
@Michael - a bit confused with the husband part, but OK :)
@Jenny - very good ones indeed!

I love the way you look for the lesson in each thing that happens during your day! Hope tomorrow is going to be great...it's the start of the weekend, after all!

@Desiree - I think it is the best approach in life right? As for today, it is my first day of holiday. One week off! Yeah!

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