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Once upon a time my goal was to have some yoga lessons and try to see if it fits me. Sadly, I have to recognise that I was not able to fullfill lesson E, exercise daily and I gave up yoga even if it did make me feel better, I was able to focus and relax (sounds strange but it does make sense!).

Maybe by writing this post I will regain the motivation and the drive to restart my lessons, what do you think?

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Anonymous says:

We do kid yoga at the daycare. Does that count?

Hi there. It would be nice if you could return to yoga, especially with your hectic lifestyle . I am sure it would be good for you! Motivation would have to be my letter M, or complete lack of it!! Hee hee!!

I love Yoga, but the discipline for all of the workout is lacking in me lately. It doesn't make sense to push something that makes a person feel so good to the side. Yep, maybe it will push me back into a better routine too. :-) Thanks for the tug.

@Beth - I think so :)
@Diane - that is a good hint, have the motivation to start to meditate!
@November Rain - indeed my thoughts exactly!

If not daily, at least you have it occasionally to draw on to help center yourself and take a moment of calm. Walking is my "yoga" but sadly I don't get to it everyday, so I try to just appreciate it when I do.

I really know that I need yoga. I know this. Ohhh, and about six months ago, I did Bikram yoga---HOT yoga--a number of times. I adored that. It was before life exploded and I had a school phobic kid back home with me and another child with bus refusal and, and, and, and...

Beth brings up a point. Even if our kids are motor challenged, maybe I can introduce mom/child yoga with younger son here at home and see what he does with hit (hate it?). There has to be something on demand that I can find...

Thanks for planting the seed!

Meditation is a great 'M' word, via Yoga. I tried it a couple of years ago and nearly passed out from the quick up and down positions. And, standing on one leg is just not something I can do anymore. he,he
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Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

it has always interest me but i have yet to practice yoga

I haven't tried Yoga, although I would very much like to. There isn't anywhere around here, sadly. I think if you enjoy it you should try and fit it in daily, it's so hard to find an exercise that is actually fun :-)

@Amy M - walking is very relaxing for me as well
@Amy - I am happy you start considering mom/child yoga, maybe it will prove to be great for all of you
@Kathy - I love your entries and your photos
@Lynn - maybe you will enjoy it more than me!
@Sarah - that's it - exercising which is fun, that is hard to find!

Everyone I talk to tells me Yoga is really REALLY hard and it really takes discipline to stick with it. I'm fine with my treadmill! :)

@DL - well it is hard, it takes a LOT of discipline!

I once bought a yoga DVD for beginners. I really enjoyed doing it but it made my muscles ache too much because I have fibromyalgia. But for you I think it would be a great thing. Even if you only do it three times a week - it is certainly better than nothing. God for it!

@Belle - thank you for your encouragement!

Okay full circle moment for me here. First, I thought, "Oh, that looks like something even an old and totally out of shape chick (read ME) could maybe do and enjoy." I read further and then through the comments. "Hard and a lot of discipline." Those would be too things I avoid, so ummm, loved the post and for 2 seconds it was completely motivational. LOL

@Jo - well maybe it fits you anyway :)

With my arthritis, I couldn't do ANY of those exercises! but I keep telling myself I ought to go back to aquarobics again - if only I could find the motivation.

@Paula - I do understand!

I love doing the warrior poses-- and I love when I exercise as I feel so much better!! Wonderful post :) Jenn

@Jenn - lucky you :)

Anonymous says:

That makes a lot of sense. You should always try to make time for something that makes you feel good. My wife and I never find time to workout but when we do, we feel a thousand times better. Maybe time needs to be made.

I enjoy yoga even though I have zero balance. I do it along with my Wii Fit. I am not as good at it as my daughter, but I like it.


Don't give up, don't! I don't do my morning yoga every day, but I do it most days. With plans to return as soon as I sort out my life and learn to schedule things a little better.

I always feel better on days I do yoga (even if it's the A-Z challenge and I haven't done all the commenting I "should").

Anonymous says:

Claudia, you just reminded me of something that I've been meaning to do! I have wanted to buy a meditation CD. i listened to one once many years ago. It was an instructional tape that prompted you to do certain things with mind and body while listening to the music. Not kidding, I was in some kind of twilight sleep. It was amazing. :0)

@ssleaos - maybe you are right, you just need to make time!
@Kathy - you just gave me an idea - to use the wii
@Bverly - thank you for the encouragement
@Beachlover - how wonderful, happy fo you!

I never seem to have the motivation to do much exercise. I tried yoga once. I might need to try more often to really see if it would be something I enjoy.

@Ruth - maybe it suits you!

I started a yoga program, per doctor's orders. I found that it helps with some my fibromyalgia symptoms (i.e., pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms). However, I've had a hard time sticking to it because it, quite frankly, kicks my butt. It takes a lot more effort than I first realized. Instead of just giving up on it, though, I've decided to take it slower this time and slowly build up.

@Amanda - I believe your approach is correct, should maybe try it too!

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