Awards, awards!

Posted by Claudia Moser on 6:57 PM
What a lovely Monday, a perfect way to start the week and share with you some happy news!

Danneromero was kind enough to pass me the award below, many thanks!

while Pam thought of me with this award:

at the same time as Gil, what a lucky girl I am right? 

7 Things About me:

1.  I am a Libra 
2.  I am curious
3.  I am a workaholic
4.  And yes I do love coffee
5.  I don't like pink!
6.  Love tulips
7.  Thinking of a hot chocolate now, any takers?

7 blogs (I have posted) that fall into the following categories:
*Most Beautiful: My H entry for the April 2011 challenge!
*Most Helpful: The first GBE2 entry
*Most PopularRandom thought, but I don't understand why!
*Most Controversialno clue here, any ideas?
*Most Surprisingly Successfulfrom the GBE2 entries again, this one
*Most Underratednone here!
*Most Pride Worthyso me!

7 Bloggers I want to Nominate - well I thought of my latest followers (the ones owning a blog), and I would like to thank them for being my newest readers. You take a pick and choose whichever award you like best and simply use them in your posts if you like! At the same time in case one of my 'oldest' followers is attracted by the above mentioned awards, I would break the rule and encourage you as well to take it!
Sofia from 

Happy blogging!



Congratulations on your awards. You can keep your hot chocolate as, strangely, I don't like it even though I love all other kinds of chocolate.

Well deserved Claudia.

x Fiona

@Sarah - well you will get from me a nice cooked meal, agreed? :)
@Fiona - thank you, very kind of you!

Anonymous says:

Congratulations on your Awards! ^_^
Well deserved. Have a great evening!


@Eva - you as well my dear!

Congrats Claudia. You? A workaholic? No way!!! hehe. Coffee, yummy!

@Batb - acknowledging is the first step in curing it right? :) lol

Congrats on the award you so deserve it.

@Luan - thank you!

Congrats, Claudia. I also love coffee, chocolate and tulips.

@Belle - then we are two! :)

Libras are the best signs to be. Everybody likes them. I'm not wild about pink, either, and I love Tulips. I once drove all the way to Zuid Holland just to take pictures. ;D

@Celeste - does everybody like Libras? how come? I also dream to go and see the tulips in holland, one day maybe!

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